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TransRetail : Idea for Public Transport

BusPublic Transport

Summary:  The growing metro cities in India are in dire need of better transportation system. There are lot of proposed solutions which talks about more infrastructure ( Metro , Flyovers ) or talks about priority infrastructure for public transport like BRT ( and others).

The Car. The Bus. The India

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Summary: How long a country of billion can sustain with a culture of "My car My way"? Given the situation today, we will not be able to support even a extra car on the roads during peak hour? In this article, I will highlight few of the other problems other than traffic mess to highlight where we are heading.

Solution Traffic Problem

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 Summary: Recently I was thinking of possible reasons and solutions of the problem of traffic. I did a small survey and collected opinion from the people from various ages. I also observed working of Volvo service in bangalore.

Campaign for Public Transport

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Summary: I was thinking how one would campaign for public transport. I think there is lot more potential and advantages people can have from public transport other than the usual environment and money crap ( Sorry , but yes thats what my normal friends might say in the end). Lets try another way, convince them in a line.


Metro : Perspective

Metro RailPublic HealthPublic Transport

Summary: I came across a nice article supporting Metro and I started analysing my stand where I oppose Metro unless it proven satisfactory in all dimension which are basically 

  1.  Direct Cost Involved
  2. Indirect Cost Involved
  3. Direct Savings
  4. Indirect savings


1000 Cr free of Cost

Metro RailPedestrian InfrastructurePublic Transport

 Summary: If one has 1000 Cr per annum, can he/she help to improve the traffic chaos of the city. Let us just explore what all can be done to improve the traffic chaos. An important point we have 1000 Cr free of cost to do that. Read more to find out how.  


Metro : Hypnotized

Metro RailPublic Transport

Summary: Do we have any other choices other than Metro? Are we trying to hide our deficiencies and closed our eyes to all the improvements? How good metro projections are? All these questions are very critical and crucial before we consider Metro project?


Do we have any other choices other than Metro? 

Metro : Reality Check for Speed, Money and Hopes

Metro RailPublic Transport

Summary: This article tries to analyse Metro project and expectation from it. If they are reasonable? Also have the people who decided for metro really considered existing system's potential and limitation correctly? If yes than what was cost and efficiency prompted them for alternative. Its a hard to answer but it will be true reality check for metro.

Public Transport Buses : Do we need metro ?

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Summary:  Today we are considering other alternative like Metro, flyover etc. Article try to questions that do we need to consider alternatives ? Have we exhausted capacity of the current Public Transport Bus system and there is no chance to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 


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