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Government of India's online grievance forum

Many may not know that Government of India hosts an online grievance forum. The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances is the nodal agency to formulate policy guidelines for citizen-centric governance in the country. Redressing citizens' grievances being one of the most important initiatives of the department, DARPG formulates public grievance redress mechanisms for effective and timely redress / settlement of citizens' grievances.

Belgaum ring road: Still a Dream


Belgaum ring road planned in two phases.

  1. Hindalga-Peeranwadi-Halga
  2. Hindalga-Kakti-Halga

Total ring road length 38 kms. Ring road breadth 100 feet. 285 acres of land needed. Rs.1425 lakh for land acquisition. Ring road total expenditure Rs.30 crores. The plan for the ring road was prepared 10 years ago. Imagine, since ten years nothing has happened on ground; only papers have changed places and this road, which will be a boon to traffic, will remain a dream.

Alipaak it happens only in Belgaum

“Alipaak” phonetically sounds exactly like the same word in Marathi.

Alipaak, a snack made with groundnuts, puffed rice accompanied with sugar cane juice.

POWER & SPEED create big holes in pockets


In the past few days, ‘Singh has become the King’, the share market is now again ready to take a leap upwards and Crude oil prices are heading only southwards. All these things are very nice for the common man. Today crude is trading at about 124.24$ which is of its high of almost 150$.

Power drought hits Belgaum:6 to 12 hours power cut


Get ready for an almost black out. From today the 12 hours of load shedding will be done in the city. The CM, Yedurappa will make a statement in the assembly today on this and the timetable for the load shedding could be out.

Dosa- Rs.25 Idli Rs.15 Puri Bhaji- Rs.20 Tea- Rs.6; Belgaum

Mouth-watering items but they are now making big holes in pockets.

As the inflation has peaked to a 13 year high, the prices of essential food commodities have also risen. In a city like Belgaum where going out to eat in hotels is very common the prices of dishes have increased alarmingly.

Take regular dishes like Idli, which used to cost you Rs.11 is now costing Rs.13 –15. Dosa, which was Rs.22, is now Rs.25. Uppit, pohe of Rs.6 are now Rs.10.

Did You Know this? Tilak -Swaraj is my Birth Right and I will have it

Did You Know this?


“Swaraj is my Birth Right and I will have it”

Where do you want the Vidhan Soudha? Poll

A poll(offline and online) is being conducted by Mr. Rajeev Topannavar.

The results will be submitted to the CM, Yedurappa and then he would take a decision on the site of the Vidhan Soudha in Belgaum.

Click here to Vote

The poll is on a different website and the results are not visible to all. I will make it a point to get the results as and when they compile the same.

Karnataka Budget 2008-09 What Belgaum Gets

I have tried to include all the Allocations made for Belgaum only.

Infrastructure and Enterprise
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