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Development at cost to Nature Do we need this

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Belgaum in this past couple of months has been in the limelight for not so good reasons for the city as a whole. From controversies on 100 crore to its implementation. Still none of the projects under the 100 crore special grant have been completed but newer projects under said scheme are being launched. Trees on both sides makes it a pleaure to even walk in the sun

See the trees on the road side all this will go in three days

The present one is the road widening of the Angol Road (from Big Bazaar to Shambhaji Chowk Raghunath Peth). The road will be widened to 50 feet as per the CDP(city development plan). Work has already begun on the road and first deaths are those of the trees which were standing there even before we all were born.

See the logs of wood

Logs are lying on the road side

The road does have heavy traffic and as the Aai Kalavatidevi temple is on the same road many throng the road daily.

After cutting the Tree it is set to fire, how in human

The trees have been chopped off and there was a controversy over the cutting the trees as a tender for the same was not taken out, but as it happens always, all is well again and the trees have been cut. The worst part about 98 trees have been numbered and will be cut one by one. 98 trees cut will this impact the mother nature it will for sure, but who cares!

Numbering done on each tree

The Killing is on

gutter work has begun

The road looks clean and green but once these trees are cut it will be nightmare for sure.

My questions to all people of Belgaum and those who are implementing it as well:

  1. you have cut the threes will you plant any more?
    The answer to this will be yes by the authorities but there is no space now on this road, so you will get an answer that 2 trees have been planted in some jungle, how stupid.
  2. Could many of the trees being saved?
    This answer is very difficult to answer for anyone, as all are in a hurry to commence a project complete it half and start another one.
  3. Will the cutting of trees affect Global warming?For sure YES! 98 trees cut from a single street means so much of less oxygen and so much less of carbon dioxide in the air.
  4. Last question to all, do we need this kind of development at a cost to mother nature?

    Save trees This hoarding is there all over the city, What an Idea Sir je


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Dear Belgaum blog,

Unscientific, unnecessary destruction in the name of development is reason for our problems.

Mangalore citizens are fighting near Valencia to save the trees, it is worth studying.

Eco friendly citizens must fight for the cause. I mean every responsible citizen even if he thinks for few seconds will support GREEN CAUSE.





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Belgaum - Sad for trees

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It is sad indeed that many beautiful, old shady trees are being axed.

I think it might be worthwhile discussing how trees could be retained, if not transplanted when they are pitted against development. comment guidelines

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