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MSIL liquor shop a HIT to many

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 The MSIL liquor shop recently opened in Belgaum city is the talk of the town amongst drinkers and teetotalers as well.


MSIL shop at the opening

MSIL shop at the opening

MSIL shop will sell IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) at MRP rates which are a HIT for Drinkers but at the same time its HITing the business of other liquor sellers in city who sell more than the MRP.

The logic behind the local sellers for above MRP is simple, they need to pay bribes to authorities even if they sell at MRP or above that, hence they charge price above MRP. It is not possible to pay bribes and sell at MRP a local liquor seller said. Around Rs.2000 per month is paid to the authorities by each shop it is said.

A bottle of Beer in a wine shop is sold for Rs.90 against the MRP of Rs.76. 180 ml whisky is sold at Rs.120 against MRP of Rs.97.

So this is a HIT for some and HIT in business for a few. MSIL plans to open a few more shops in the city and the women have already complained to the district authorities in a memorandum not to open more liquor shops. But the govt. will not step behind as it will get more income and the govt. will not want to stop its income flow, let the society go to hell.

The MSIL store on opening day yesterday made sales worth 30 thousand, sources told this blog. In fact as an opening day bonanza one quarter was given for every two and there was queue to buy. Today morning as well even before the shop opened at 10 people were seen around to buy.



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Whether to cry or laugh at this very prompt governance?

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I am sure Belgaumkars have found a decent watering hole in the form of MSIL shop and notwithstanding strict orders, there will be a back door entry where one can have retailed drinks with enough mixed varieties.  Many wine shops are breaking laws in this respect throughout the land.

-  By the way does the MSIL shop, being a government outlet, has facility for supply of clean drinking water to BPL families, apart from selling hard liquor?  May be, MSIL's social obligation citizens charter does not contain this simple goal.

- And I am sure Belgaumkars are running from one corner to another for paying their water, electricity, property tax etc., since they are located at different places. Government has not been able to set up a facility like BELGAUM ONE - like Bangalore One for making lives of citizens that much comfortable for paying their bills.  But they have successfully set up Booze One facility to guzzling citizens to buy different kinds of poisoned liquids at one place. 

- Vasanth Mysoremath

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 Yes Belgaum One is needed

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 Yes Belgaum One is needed and it was promised in the budget as well, but if that is done it will be good for the public at large. Govt. normally work for vote banks.

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Rs 2000 bribe

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Dear BB,

That number "Around Rs.2000 per month is paid to the authorities by each shop it is said" - amount seems a bit low. And who (as in which authority) usually collects this bribe? comment guidelines

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