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Modi riding the Nano: if Brand Belgaum existed

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Mr.Budhadeb lost it, Mr.Deshmukh and Mr.Yeduraapa tried, but Modi came and he won.

Mr.Ratan Tata said: A good ending to bad Start.

What a story to the Nano? The one-lakh car is in news since it was planned (or even before that) and now when Tata has come out of Bengal and has found a new home the Nano, Gujrat.

C M Yedurrappa met Tatas asked them to come them to Dharwad, Vialsrao Deshmukh did the same thing and asked Tatas to come to Maharashtra, but Modi came and he took the Tatas with him. Brand” Gujrat” or brand” Modi” (this is a different topic) but has been successful.

On this very blog I had said, when the news of our MLA having a press conference and assuring to meet the CM and hand over a memorandum to Yedurappa to ask the Tatas to come to Belgaum, was published and I had said Nano will be out on the roads till the time some action is taken. We need fast action over and above the regular government type.

We should now rise above political motives and work for development. If BRAND “BELGAUM” existed it would have been easy for us. The Chambers of commerce and industry should develop such a forum that would approach big industrialists and make them come here. In such kind of situations, timing is very important. You will make a study, submit a memorandum, no time for all that. If you go into the market to buy something and one shop is closed you go to another, it happened here.

I am trying to work with a few individuals from Belgaum who are aspiring to develop the “Brand Belgaum”. Your support in this regard is required fully.  We did not see industrial development, but our children should see it.

Come lets come closer and work together for “BRAND BELGAUM

More on this will be posted as and when something concrete happens. Until then, you start your inputs so that the same would be shared.


Act in time, act wisely!


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speed and foresight matter

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I just don't know if this is true. But I am told that Gujrat govt acquired (or was it already govt land?) near a university and kept it ready long before the Singur thing boiled over last month. I am further told that they have already almost acquired more land needed to build a six lane road till the new factory site. Of course, many people are saying that Modi was in touch with Tatas since an year, right when Singur hit headlines.

If all this is true, these are examples of speed and foresight. Our state was busy with internal bickerings, so we missed the foresight angle here. Hopefuly now, Yeddy and team will start working on some sites and keep them ready for such opportunitties.

I wouldn't yet blame Yeddy etc for missing out on this plant, they are too new, but they got to start developing focused hubs and build "infrastructure" brand around them. Belgaum could be engineering, Mangalore could be tourism, another region "agro based" and so on (just using some examples, experts would know region's potentials better). One big project like a Bangalore Mangalore expressway, or Bangalore Hubli high speed rail corridor, or something else could kick start the message that KA is back (yes, we have slipped in perception over last 5-6 years, Bangalore alone is not Karnataka).

Lets wait to see some output from Yeddy's newly formed "Karnataka 2020" task force. I think we'd hear some good things soon, at least the announcements. comment guidelines

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