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Caught between BBMP and BWSSB

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Please have a look at the above picture. The house is situataed in ward number 193. There is no water connection provided by BWSSB in the area. Hence BWSSB calims this is out of their jurisdiction.

Coming to the issue I'm facing (Mine is the only house on this stretch of the raod)

Road side underground feeder line is blocked as it is damaged somewhere. I have lodged a complaint with the BWSSB control room and they have given me a complaint number. Subsequently no progress has been made and I have been trying to get this sorted out by meeting/calling up numberous people.

Call center/Junior Eng. of  BWSSB say, this area doesn't come under their jursdiction. (according to BWSSB's website, whole of Bangalore comes under them).

JE even passed on to me the contact number of the ward engineer of BBMP, saying BBMP is responsible for maintaining these things in our area.

AEE kept promising that, he'll send across the jetting machine to clear the block.

Finally when I contacted PRO of BWSSB, PRO said, they can send the Jetting machine only if the Man hole is over flowing or the main line of the UGD is blocked.

According to her, the feeder line which is supposed to carry the drain of several houses to their main line is the headache of the house owners themselves.(In this case, since mine is the only house, it's my headache)

Now, BBMP nor BWSSB is owning up and acting on my complaints.

I would like to know, whose responsibility is it to maintain the feeder line? If it is indeed the house owner's responsibility, then I'm willing to get it repaired myself.

How do I get this issue resolved? How do I get the correct information?

If I need to put across an RTI application, how do I frame the correct question to get the right answers/solution.

Please help/guide me on this.

Thank you,

















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