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Kaggadasapura to old madras Road traffic

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Traffic jams

I see always traffic woes when travelling from Kaggadasapura to Old madras road via Nagavara Playa, Due to many shops/ street vendors, Nagavara palya is very congested, and the traffic issue increased further very recently with new shops coming in like mega More and Gopalan mall.

To ease the traffic, if  there is a way to lay a new road next to railway track from Kaggadsapura to old madras road, it really helps....

I know that this idea is not new, however no progress so far to make this happen.....

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land reserved for Namma Railu

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The only way out of traffic jams has to happen through disincentivisation of use of personal forms of transport, particularly cars. For this, the public transport has to improve - meaning, we will have to allow for expansion of Commuter Rail services - meaning, we will have to let that land remain vacant for now, for Namma Rilu to expand in future. So, sorry, my friend, I can't support your suggestion.

And, talking of better public transport services, it has of course to begin with bus services. And, the answer to that, perhaps lies here.

Muralidhar Rao
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kaggadaspura to old madras road traffic

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I am a resident of DRDO Phase I (CV Raman Nagar);

I agree with bappanapalli; I know the traffic woes in that region and I understand the intensity & imapct of traffic jams there; sometimes the traffic jam in kaggadaspura main road has a cascading effect on the traffic inside DRDO Phase I, with traffic coming to a standstill there.

whie what murali772 has stated are actually policy decisions to be implemented, one solution would be to have a road laid all along the railway track as bapanapalli has suggested; in addition, it would be necessary to strictly ensure that there are no cross streets on this road and no shops or hawkers are allowed to come up on this road;

further there are many reasons for traffic jams in this region;

the bagmane tech park was allowed to come up next to a defence establishment

the shops like reliance fresh, domino's pizza, coffee day etc. have been allowed to come up without ensuring that they have adequate parking space for customers

the hanuman temple was allowed to come up without showing sufficient parking space for devotees

there is no strict segregation between resifential & commercial areas and

a lot many reasons like these

many thanks

Srinath Heragu

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Another option

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My solution is make one magic box underpass under the railway line 1 km from Bypenhalli OMR and connect to Pai layout and continue through Udayanagar to Ring road. In Udayanagar there are some road widening schemes planned I believe

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From Beniganahalli to Big

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From Beniganahalli to Big Bazaar, there are no roads going inside, that is to left from in that direction.  That is about 1 km. Is there no such road in the master plan? That is something needs to be investigated.  I believe the area was waterlogged even 15 years ago, buildings came up, but no roads.

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from beninganahalli to big bazar

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my suggestion would be to construct one good aesthetic magicbox with pedestian road not path inside the magic box alongisde on either side allowing for U turn to big bazaar midway between more in nagavara palya & big bazar so that traffic does not get held up;

this magic box should cater for ambulances, police vehicles,cars & small vans

many thanks


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