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Bangalore Meter Jam (say no to Autos)

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12 Oct 2010


We're tired of meter that always reads more than it should; drivers who refuse to ply and demand return fare whenever they want. As this was not enough, their rude behavior tops the list. On top of this, they go on strike to raise the price.

Now..Its Time For Us To Say NO..!!

A silent protest against auto driver’s rude behavior.
They ask extra money – say NO
They don’t have digital meter – say NO
They have faulty meter – say NO

Say NO to autos on 12th Oct…Spread The Word


PS: Auto Complaint Numbers: 080-25588444/555 (24 hrs service)
Save These Numbers On Your Cellphone for  emergencies



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Have things gotten this bad?

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For Bangloreans, verbal spats and arguments with auto drivers have become the norm. But, Krishnaraja Marakini’s experience is a matter of concern. The IT professional was abused and assaulted by some auto drivers for refusing to pay over and above the meter fare.
The alleged assault took place on September 30. The 42-year-old resident of Malleshpalya commutes by cab every day, but was forced to opt for an auto that day. “It was around 9 am. The cab was late. Since I had some emergency work in office, I decided to take an auto till Silk Board from where I planned to board a Volvo bus to my workplace in Electronic City. I walked to the auto stand. When I boarded an auto, the driver made it clear that I need to pay one-and-a-half times the meter fare. I refused,” Krishnaraja says.
As he was getting out of the auto, the driver told him to ‘pay the minimum fare for sitting in the auto’. Krishnaraja alleges, “He also demanded to know why I sat in his auto if I did not have money for the fare. I was taken aback by his aggression, but refused to pay.” Even as he was backing away, five to six other auto drivers allegedly surrounded him. They abused and pushed him around.

For the full report in the Bangalore Mirror, click here

Everybody has had some unpleasant experience or the other with the auto lot. And, of course, there are the odd cases of criminal acts, like even with cab drivers - the Pratibha rape and murder being a case in point. But, when something like this happens, and at 9AM on a week day, it is as if the mafia has taken command and is throwing a challenge to the Society. One hopes the Commissioner, the tough cookie that he is, takes note and shows this lot in their place.


Muralidhar Rao
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It HAS become that bad

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The only reason I don't commute to office in BMTC bus is - just dont want to haggle with autos every morning and evening. Bagmane Tech Park to anywhere in the evening, rates depend on their mood. A threat to call in and comnplain gets them to attack you (almost happened to me, two weeks ago, and once earlier as well). All I asked for was - put the meter, I just want to see if how much extra you are charging me, Rs 50 was his offer, till Benigannahalli which is max 2-3 km via a shortcut.

Sad thing is people can't even take part in such auto boycotts, because there is just no other option.

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My experience

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I live in an apartment along the sarjapur signal. Total mall is about a kilometer from there.

One day, myself and my husband came after shopping in Total, with rather large shopping bags in hand (which, i guess, told the auto drivers - "Here comes your prey").

We asked for a drop to our apartment, and many of them demanded Rs 50/- we were not willing to pay that.. So started walking home, meanwhile waving at other autos coming by. One guy stopped and agreed to go for Rs 30/- 

Thus we agreed to the fare, and got into the auto. He stopped at the main gate to the apartment. Our home was a good 400 meters away from the gate, and he refused to go further without paying him Rs20/- extra. He argued that we asked for the apartment, and he fulfilled his part of the agreement by dropping us at the gate, and we should pay the Rs 30/- as our part of the agreement. For any additional distance we have to pay more.

I felt as though I was cheated, although what he said was true.


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Minimum is 20/- conveniently !

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Disgusting behavior by the auto-wallahs ! Unfortunately, nothing much can be done since the state of public transport is also poor. I use the auto sometimes for last mile - most of the drivers are demanding 20/- now as minimum after the fare hike.

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@ murali772

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We are doing an extensive protest against drivers and as said there is a Meter Jam on 12th Oct.

an even has also been created where people have started pouring in left and right


I wish I knew  Krishnaraja Marakini, could have roped him in with our protest and wuld have supported him to the core


Ravi Bansal

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@ Anithasunil

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 Hi AnithaSunil,

I also stay in that areas (kaikondrahalli) but what I have found is tht the auto wala there are definitely better than other areas. u staying at sanctity?


Ravi Bansal

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@ Silkboard

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 There is an option. join

lets voice out together

you can also call 080 25588444/555 for any auto issues


Ravi Bansal

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let's move model - P , then

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When auto as the provider of the last-mile connectivity has gotten as bad as it has, shouldn't we be pressing for opening up of at least the 'shuttle bus service segment' of PT to private sector, right away, say on the lines of model-M, which (or slight variations thereof, which can be re-named 'model-P') seems to enjoy overall consensus amongst Prajagalu?

I had made an earlier effort (check this), which in spite of being amongst the most read blog on PRAJA, did not find enough backing when it came to signing up on the accompanying e-petition (perhaps also because I had goofed up on formatting it - check this). Besides, perhaps I am generally seen as biased when it comes to this particular subject.

My application to the government for a license to operate the service was also turned down - check this

So, why don't you now make a fresh effort? Of course, there may the odd people who will continue to oppose, sit on the fence, maintain that we should first have a water tight regulation policy in place, etc. They can be requested to be excused from this space, since they have enough space elsewhere already.

Incidentally, I came across this shuttle service being offered by Total Mall, Sarjapura. This of course is free for shoppers, but, I guess, it can be used by the regulars (for free again) even for other purposes, say for going to 'Innovative multiplex'. Now, if there's a problem about the financial viability of model-P (which need not necessarily be the case), tie-ups as above can also be considered. And, that's what I meant by saying "as long as the government doesn't impose too many stifling conditions, one can figure out enough ways to make the operations not just viable, but even profitable" - check this.

If you ask me this should be our first priority. And, I am sure all the folks subscribing to the "meter jam" will also be happy to join in. If the petition collects enough signatures, and the government refuses to relent, we can then go in for a regular PIL. So, how about it?

Muralidhar Rao
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Autos at Chennai

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I just returned after a two week visit to Chennai where I had to use autos frequently.

My experience there was eqully bad or much worse than at B'lore.

No auto at Chennai uses meter. But they are agitating for further increase in official rates.

None of them ply for less than Rs. 50.

They regularly demand three/four times the fare.

For the same trip I could get auto varying from Rs. 100 to Rs. 250 (this with much haggling).

The Transport minister there annonced the starting of Minibuses to give relief to commuters from autos.

Another news I noticed was that at Mumbai they have introduced 'Shate Taxis'


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@Murali - Isn't this case against privatization of PT!

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You have been a strong votary for privitization of everything that government runs today. You may have a point here, but I would like to turn your attention to the menace of Autos/Taxis. Isn't this sector a primarily run by private sector? If private sector is the panacea for PT in cities, then why do people are at mercy of Autos and Taxis? If privitization indeed is the only way out, how do you expalin fleecing of commuters by auto/taxi operators?

The auto/taxi menace is due to 2 factors. One publici.e the customer hasn't stood upto them and shown them their place. The absence of regulatory and enforcment mechanism that keep this sector in check is other reason for this menace.


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@bansal - what I meant was ...

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Syed, on public vs private side, Autos are neither here nor there  - their number, their pricing is regulated by the government. Either govt should just let go, or regulate better. Stop issuing auto licenses to individuals, give it only to organized companies who can be traced, can be sued for fraud if meter is proved to be damaged, and whose operating license can be canceled on receiving 50+ complaints, and then see if things get better. But govt won't do that, because Autos are run as a welfare service (economically backward people get auto licenses). How much balance is needed between welfare and broader public good, is govt's choice.

@bansal - when I said there is no option, I meant what do I do to go from HAL Airport Road to Bagmane Tech Park? Walk 3.5 kilometers? There is no bus or shuttle to rely upon. Should take meter jam to the next step by creating alternatives to autos, by lobbying for local area taxis, or shuttles operated by BMTC or large office building operators.

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The reason for auto/taxis

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The reason for auto/taxis being privtely operated not working is demand outstrips supply

The telecom sector has enough competition so that each service provider is forced to provide good service at "reasonable" rates. That's not the case with autos or taxis. Now the competition for the autos can be more autos/taxis(?), better public transport or private players (who run buses).



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just fix maximum fare rate

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Most importantly, the government should set a maximum price at which the fare is to be calculated that is higher than the present price and allows the drivers to take fares below that price as well.

This allows room for innovation and let entrepreneurs enter the market if they feel they can run autos at lesser prices and still generate revenue in other ways (eg: auto rickshaw advertising). This is the impetus the auto industry needs. If properly implemented, probably there would be no need for drives such as ‘meter jam’ and productivity stifling strikes by auto drivers.

For the full article by Nihkil Ravichandar, in the Deccan Herald, click here

Agree totally with the author. And, that's more or less what I had suggested for the opened up (to private sector) public bus transport services also, when I said "The only condition need be a fairly liberal upper limit on the 'per ride' charge, which in all likelihood will be fixed, leaving all the operational details to him" - check this.

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