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'Honest People Can't Work in City'

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From Bangalore Mirror:

 ... Infosys, though headquartered in the city, will have its largest operational base in Pune. Speaking to Bangalore Mirror,T A Mohandas Pai, human resources director, Infosys, said  ... In another 12 months time,Pune will have more seats/employees than our Bangalore campus, he said ... But why would a Bangalore-based company choose to strengthen its base in Pune After all,Bangalore is the information technology (IT) capital of India. An IT industry source said, the move has got nothing to do with the cost factor. Blame it on Karnatakas political indifference and bureaucratic laxity in land allotment and registration.

The quote:

Pai said,It is easier to get land in Pune than in Bangalore.For three years we tried in vain to complete the land registration process in Bangalore.Now,we have more land in Pune than Bangalore.Honest people cant work in Bangalore.

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Will this Comments From HR Head of Infosys Hurt Brand Bangalore

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It's All Talk and no action from Congress+JD-S ,JD-S+BJP,now BJP ,Infosys Have been trying to get a campus approved in srajapur road and have bought the land at market prices ,Is it right on governemt to attack the Chief Architect  of Silicon Valley of India N.R.Narayana Murthy Owned Infosys ,

How long will Industry Patience Last ,We need a statesman Like SMK who used to get the work done even though there was a NDA government @ Centre

So i would request people to share views ,Is Bangalore's Future Bleak? Has Brand Bangalore been Damaged? ,16 out of 19 MLA's in Bangalore are from BJP are these MLA's Sleeping ?

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land and more land

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Well, you are talking like a tabloid journalist here - "government is attacking" infosys ! But just curious - What is the precise problem infosys is having with the "land registration process"? And why has infosys not gone public with the details there?

On a side note:

Now, we have more land in Pune than Bangalore

This quote would fit a real estate company more than a Software services company.

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Infosys has bought Land price @ Market Prices

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Infosys has bought Land price @ Market Prices ,It is expected to accomidate 18,000 workfoce in that campus.Posting allocation is mostly based on Domicile in Infosys ,If Infosys is allowed to build a campus there it will Benefit Graduates of Karnataka ,as people like me were posted to hyderabad as Bangalore campus was full,When they have bought land whats the harm in Allowing them to build

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repeating the question

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What is the precise problem infosys is having with the "land registration process"? And why has infosys not gone public with the details there?

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