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Now Big 11, with addition of Hennur Road Route.

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Last week, I saw a few Big 10 buses on Hennur Road. The route number was G-11. The buses were painted in the standard Big 10 colours. Only difference was that none of the buses I saw had LED boards. I wonder why.

Another interesting sighting was in front of Forum (Koramangala) yesterday - I am fairly sure I saw a Volvo (standard red colour), which was displaying "Big 10" on it's LED display. The Bus passed fairly quickly, so I want bet my life on it, but the only other similar routes such as BAIS 10 or even BIAS 11 don't ply on this road.


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Need static/painted boards

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LED boards are absolutely over-rated and least required. Perhaps they can display route number in stationary mode (not moving display). Most buses won't stop for more than 10 seconds and it is very hard to read those stupid moving names. We need clearly written (both in Kannada and English), well lit boards. When BMTC spends 80+ lakhs for Volvo buses and 15+ lakhs for ordinary/Big 10 buses, why not spend Rs 1000 for neatly written/printed boards on front and back? With great pinters/papers we have, such static boards shouldn't cost more than Rs 200.
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Volvos on Big 10 Route

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Volvos have started plying on the Big 10 routes. Some of them are based out of HSR Layout BMTC depot. I have seen some leaving for Brigade road in the morning around 7:15 AM. That would be the one from Sarjapur. I guess these should get good patronage like the regular Big-10 buses.

One problem with the LED displays is that the Indian languages are not conducive to being shown on a display with a limited resolution. So for the Kannada message, they are able to fit only one line and so it takes forever to scroll. However the English version is quite compact and they show two lines simultaneously and the whole message scrolls quite quickly.

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BIG-12 also introduced....

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-from Corporation Circle to Ramakrishna Hegade Nagara.


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Yes, saw a Big12 last Tuesday

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Naveen, and I noted the Big12 last week near India express junction / queen's road on our way back from IISc. No LED sign boards on the bus we spotted.

We hear that Big10 revenues are rising steadily. Wonderful. But would be nice to see if Big10s are weaning people away from old looking equipments, or if these are new converts.

I notice crowds on Old Madras Road Big10 - visibly more than what was visible 1.5 months ago. But I notice that 317/319 variants are not running as loaded now. My observation times are 9 am and 6.30 pm.

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Marcopolo Non-AC for Big 10

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One question is why not BMTC not considering Tata Marcopolo Non-AC being operated on Delhi BRT. This is faster , rear engine and low floor, moreover manufactued in Karnataka. comment guidelines

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