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License, common sense, civility...

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Driving in most parts of the world is a pleasant experience, whereas even a tier II like Mysore can cause lots of stress.
Some radical measures...
1.      the Government should look at the way licenses (DLs)are issued.  Why not bring in strict norms (absolutely STRICT) and call everyone to get fresh licenses issued under the new norm, which will be international!!
2.      Pan-India license should be done away with.  The reasons are many.  A person used to riding/driving in Delhi or Hyderabad is a threat on the roads of Bangalore just like a Bangalorean on the roads of Bombay is. Anyone willing to drive should apply and obtain a fresh DL
3.      Yes, we would have lesser number of people eligible to drive and the failed candidates can reappear for the tests after a gap (of whatever months) once the driving/riding skills are up to the mark
4.      Automobile manufacturers will cry hoarse; why not let them take up the responsibility of imparting safe driving/riding skills to a new buyer rather than just fill the roads with unruly automobile owners.  So each manufacturer will have his own school of safe driving! Pity this doesn’t even figure in any auto manufacturuers’ CSR activities
5.      There is an updated database of owners available always
6.      Transport department should issue DLs under an automated environment with very little subjective decision making.  This would do away with (most of) the corrupt pracise of issuing DLs
7.      Link each vehicle to the insurance company with the valid insurance sticker displayed on the car.  Any offence, the insurance company should be sent a notice as well so that the unpaid fine is collected at the time of renewal of insurance (which is a maximum period of one year) with interest.
8.      All accidents should be reported to the insurance company and no outside settlement. So no fighting or abusing. We also know a claim means higher premium which will make everyone more careful.
9.      Good roads to begin with; good signages and road marking as well
We are what we are – good people while not at the steering…
1.      Practise to be patient; patience of 5 seconds can avoid many problems on the road and save lives too. We loosing out on the road means loosing out during and after the journey as well.
2.      A sense of false pride when we drive our car and care very little for others. 
3.      My car, my bike, my money…what about the other persons car or bike or money? All hell will break loose if there is a small scratch. Well this is not the end of the world and no need to be abusive. The erring driver may just have had a bad start to the day. We got to be considerate.
4.      Breaking a rule should be discouraged from a very young age, viz., riding without helmet, dads and moms taking the wrong-way while dropping the kids, etc.
5.      Do away with the ‘short-cut’ mentality



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Strengthen the Association Infrastructure

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I was a member (have to renew in Bangalore) when in Pune and they even checked my DL with the issue authority (they have branches across India) to validate it was proper and since I was not carrying a helmet scolded me. I said I had a bike lock so have the helmet there. Then one of the elderly volunteers came with me to check I was telling the truth.He said its part of membership guidelines that I adhere to all RTO rules in India. I have been doing so since then though sometime getting late.

Once in Pune I was stopped for a routine check and on seeing the WIAA ID card the cops said they are satified since am member and dont want to check anything else.

We need to make sure we strengthen such associations which are trying to inculcate safe driving in India. They also help you do things needed at RTO. Like getting DL renewed, getting DL, safe driving, NOC etc etc. I got my NOC done for 10 bucks in Pune when I moved. Yes I did get NOC, then paid road tax in Bengaluru and got the KA number through them. Even moved my license to Bangalore. Not sure why I had to take a written test though but I did pass easily.

Such association are run by like mined people.

I also came to know about simulator being used by Meru cabs to recheck drivers and speed warnings installed in their cars so that they drive properly. Not sure how effected that has been but atleast I was comfortable knowing that they do such things. Hope all cabs have the policy.

I do have a suggestion for 2, just do the difference not a re-issue again. Like delhi to bangalore difference test can be done. With the population we have it will become a nightmare to manage the load. If the association grows it might also take the burden of issuing licenses (with RTO's help) to handle the load. Commercial licenses can be made to be issued only if association gives a clean chit.

I am not sure of 7 as it gives more power then needed to profit driven insurance providers. What stops your neighbour to take down your insurance and claiming on it for a new bumper and you coming to know only at the year end. That is why traffic cops are there to mediate and investigate who is at fault.

I do agree all disputes should go to cops/insurance unless both the driver mutually agree. When out of court settlement is there for all civil disputes, by law we cannot enforce that 2 people have to go to cops for even a nudge.

Do not again agree with 4. They are profit driven and will not do justice to imparting proper education. Will leave it to goverment/association to do the things properly. Think of this, unless the goverment forced them to make cleaner cars they never did.

Let start making the AA powerful in India too so that they have more say in how RTO rules are made and how they are enforced. More members means more funds and more influence.

That is how society works.


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