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Avenues & Boulevards of Mysore

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  • In the wake of MCC going on a road widening blitzkrieg, few of us are meeting the Commissioner of Mysore, few Corporators and couple of Ministers (depending on their availability) between 30 Oct and 1 Nov. 
  • Apart from a reliable public transport, Mysore also needs good engineering minds in the Corporation. Some of the roads have been widened from 40 feet to about 70 feet without an inch of pavement. When a bridge has to be crossed, the same road becomes 30 feet wide and spreads to 70 again. Few avenues have been asphalted haphazardly with the trees pushed out of the pavement and made to appear as though they have grown on the road.   Well thought out traffic islands and curved free left turns (existing for decades) have been merged with the main carriageway without use of road engineering basics. 
  • At present, I have very few photographs of these streets and would appreciate if you could help me with how these could be bettered, either with photographs or graphics. 
  • Anyone willing to travel to Mysore for this meeting? Street photographs apart, I would show them Bogota’s BRT video. As this widening is happening briskly (out of Rs.100 crores CM’s grant) , I would first want to show them the road designs and then talk about BRT, since BRT will anyway be outside the purview of the MCC, its Engineers and the Corporators for the time being. 


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Good Thought Arun

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Arun, I would love to have been part of it, but due to time constrains, unable to do. I can provide any offsite support you wish to. Please let me know.

Earlier, I had posted a Bus Route Corridors for Mysore in this thread:

Including BRT in some routes would be helpful.

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 There was a BRT proposed for

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 There was a BRT proposed for Mysore using JNNURM funds. I cant seem to find the link now.

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BRT - not now

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BRT for Mys has been put on hold (hope it is temporary).  A team had travelled to Ahmedabad and their conclusion was that the roads are not wide enough for a BRT.  Also electric buses were talked about; even this is a non-starter.  So on the public transport front, NURM money is used for the glass and steel facades, polished floors and lights.  An improvement that can be seen - lots of new buses on the streets (except Volvo) nowadays.   If not a BRT, a gridwise movement and use of small buses (micro buses) would be ideal as many routes can be covered.

Vasanth - can you please share your contact number

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Phone meeting?

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Arun, possible to do a phone meeting? I will send you conference bridge details. That way, more of us can join in. Would have joined you, but traveling to Mysore is tight on those dates.

Also, possible to post whatever designs they are using for their work currently? This is to understand if the problems is design, or the way contractors are implementing.

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Contact Details

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Arun, I sent you a personal message with Phone Number.

Please show them Bus Lanes on narrow streets of London. We can't have just painted lanes due to lack of discipline by people here, but we should have barricaded lanes. It is just to demonstrate Bus Lanes on narrow roads.

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meeting time not confirmed

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SB, the meeting time is not yet confirmed;  I have been asked to come on one of these days by the Commr.  I will have to probably register my name and wait for my turn to meet him.  Not sure if phone-in option will work. 

During the meeting, one of the objective is to get the contact details of the respective engineer and work with him (to whatever extent possible).  I had done this earlier with two Supdt.Enggs and an Asst Engg from MCC;  they were co-operative though.

Vasanth, I have noted the number, thank you

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Is it Mr Harsh Gupta?

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Are you meeting the DC? Or some other comsr. If it is the new DC (Mr Harsh Gupta), he may be game for a teleconference to involve more people, just give it a try via asking him.

Wouldn't we love to have Praja undertake a Bus Priority like project in Mysore, if there is support from Mysore local governments? comment guidelines

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