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Streets for Mysore

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Pedestrian Infrastructure

Reproducing some of the works Vadi and I had put together couple of years ago.  So simple and inexpensive, sustainable and looks neat.  MCC spends so much money but what we get to see is sad. 


Kantharaja Urs Road in Mysore is pictured here vis-à-vis one of the most prominent streets of KL, where KL Towers is located.  I do not see any difference in the topography of both these roads. 

Why can’t MCC be the change?  Should just go ahead and implement.





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Looks very neat and lovely

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Is MCC listening please? 

Where there is a 'will', there is a way... but when will that 'will' come ...? There is no meaning in whinning and whimpering.... let us develop the will in a collective manner and become a force to reckon with and make the authorities work for the good of the people.  Let there be a beginning somewhere... Do it .. It is now or never.

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Copying Mysore Streets

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Streets in Mysore as shown in the picture really looks good. However, I think (and I may be wrong in my thinking) even these nicely paved roads are not permeable. When rain falls in abundance, these pavements and roads will most probably not absorb the excess run-offs.

New technology has found an equally aesthetically pleasing solution which is also permeable.

And talking of everything being cheap and affordable, is it not a question of us being penny wise and pound foolish? The Americans say, if you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys. So we must learn to spend money on where it counts and not be parsimonious about everything.

Let the authorities spend on the right technology and the hundreds of crores of Rupees they spend will be really worth the every penny. Again I come to the bane of the problem being the Government obsession with tendering process and L1 concept. I think there should be a separate debate on this to force Government to look towards other methods of Government shopping.


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