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Bangalore North Candidate Interviews

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Here are the smartvote candidate interviews of prominent candidates from Bangalore North constituency. Praja members Jenny and Murali were part of the team that did the interviews.

CK Jaffer Sharief - I N C
Completed his matriculation. Has been elected as MP for 8 terms. Served as a Minister of State for Railways, Irrigation and Coal, and as Union Minister for Railways. Age: 76 years; Assets: Rs.16.37 Crores; Criminal Record: Offences under Prevention of Corruption Act

Most important national issues:
Corruption and terrorism:
Your biggest failure till date:
How will you ensure that money meant for development is not misused:

DB Chandre Gowda - B J P
BSc , LLB. Is a practicing Advocate. Has been a 3 time MP (once from Rajya Sabha) and 4 time MLA. Served as Minister in the State Government twice, and once as the Speaker. Age: 73 years; Assets: Rs. 2.09 Crores; Criminal Record: None

Top priorities for your constituency:
Most important national issues:
Your most important contribution in public life:
Your biggest failure till date:

Surendra Babu - J D(S)
MCom, MBA and LLB. He has been an agriculturist for 10 years and has been a lawyer since 1994. Filed multiple Public Interest Litigations against Govt. acquisition/Sale/Demolition of property. Age: 44 years; Assets: Rs.117.45 Crores; Criminal Record: Offences related to Criminal Intimidation.

Unemployment issue for youth:
Corruption and Terrorism:
Your biggest failure till date:
Most important national issues:

See them all, more questions and more candidates at SmartVote's Bangalore North page.


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Thanks To Jenny, Murali

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Marathon job done indeed !

The interview video clips are interesting. Hope the B'lore south & central candidates' interviews will also be posted ? Or am I asking far too much from this small, though dynamic team ?

When posed with "what was a significant failure ?", most candidates have quoted losses in elections (!) & then camaflouged or wrapped it up with other paraphenalia.

A suggestion - if links are provided for all clips (quoting the subject) on the post itself, it will be easier for viewers to trace & re-check.

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kudos to SmartVote

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I did the interviews only of Capt Gopinath and Prof Radhakrishna. If you watch them, you'll hear my responses now and then. It was later realised that what was required of the candidates was just their responses to a specific set of questions. And, with that, the interview idea was dropped, and it was re-formated as recording of responses to the set of questions. And, I no more had a role to play.

As compared to that, Jenni had a major role - in listening to each of the recordings and editing and re-formating them. Not many know that she was once part of the Bollywood industry in similar and bigger capacities.

And, as important, kudos to the entire SmartVote team for conceptualising, and putting through such a useful and important exercise.

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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Still undecided

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