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Bangalore Central Candidate Interviews

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Here are the smartvote candidate interviews of prominent candidates from Bangalore South constituency. Praja members Jenny and Murali were part of the team that did the interviews.

HT Sangliana - INC
Elected as MP for Bangalore North in 2004. After completing his BA in Economics, he spent 36 years in the Indian Police and retired as Director General of Police. Age: 66 years; Assets: Rs. 2.55 Crores; Criminal Record: None.

Top priorities for your constituency
How would you raise them in parliament
Most important national issues

PC Mohan - B J P
With a pre-university degree, a Businesman for 23 years in sanitaryware retail and real estate. Won MLA elections from Chickpet in 1999 and 2004.Age: 45 years; Assets: Rs. 5.38 Crores; Criminal Record: Other Offences – FIR under Sec 147 and 174(A) of the Railway Act

Three priorities for your constituency
How would you address these in parliament
Your top national issues:

Zameer Ahmed Khan B.Z. - J D(S)
Interview could not be conducted by smartvote


See more questions, and interviews of more candidates on SmartVote's Bangalore Central page.


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Thanks for this

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All involved,

Thanks for this.   Helps make some sort of informed choice.  I went through all the candidates from Bangalore (apart from Bangalore Central where I vote from). 

One thing that I saw good was that many had no criminal records. Do parties put candidates with low/no criminal records where the electorate is perceived as being more educated/informed/less tolerant of this?   Good to see at least this. 

I am traveling next week but am back April 22 night to cast my vote on April 23.  That is the least we can all do.



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