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Survey results - cleanliness, pollution top local issues!?

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After about 3000 responses, here is how the results look like. The results are a function of how the poll was structured, and remember, this reflects the sentiments of urban, online populace of the city. Regardless, instead of analyzing this in various ways ourselves, why don't we leave it to readers and members to make sense of thes numbers. In case you are not very good with numbers, we have highlighted the top 3-4 items in each category :)

Q responses
1 Local Issues
Air and Noise pollution 1617
Airport concerns - connectivity, re-opening HAL, BIAL quality etc 714
Cleaner city with better waste management 2040
Commuter Rail Service for Bangalore 1038
Conserving heritage of the city 838
Fast-tracking and more central support for Metro Rail 1302
Friendly facilities/infrastructure for the differently-abled people 851
Inter/intra state migration to Bangalore 461
Issues of Urban poor, Slum improvements 1136
More high speed roads/expressways in and around the city 1465
More investments and job creation in city 1008
More/better parks and lakes for the city 1247
Urban governance reforms - real autonomy for Bangalore 708
Water issues - quality and shortage, better groundwater management 1677

2 State level issues
Agriculture - Irrigation, drought relief and other subsidies 1050
Better National Highways within Karnataka 1218
Better railways infrastructure within Karnataka 926
Communalism and intolerance to attacks on freedom 1403
Direct and indirect tax rationalization 708
Environment and climate change - preserving western ghats 1272
Investments for tier2/3 cities for growth of state and de-congestion of Bangalore 1242
More Higher education facilities in state 793
More investments in energy sector to solve state's power shortage 1962
More powers to Lokayukta of Karnataka 1516
More water for city and state from Cauvery 1100
Panchayati Raj and decentralization of power in urban as well as rural areas 467
Police Reforms - remove political interference, grievance process for citizens etc 1944
Promoting and protecting Kannada language and culture 590
Settle Belgaum issue with Maharashtra 513
Tourism infrastructure in the state (for job creation + recreation) 974
4 National issues
Agriculture and Agri-processing sectors - policy and subsidy boosts 1096
Corruption - support for things like amendment of Prevention of corruption act 2393
Greener India 1734
Judicial reforms - more courts, faster justice etc 1754
Preventing criminals from running elections or becoming ministers 2334
Rural employment and poverty alleviation schemes (farmer suicide, urban migration etc) 1360
Security and Terrorism - issues like National ID card, POTA 2504
Women and child welfare (crime against women, child labor etc) 1594



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Very Representative Poll !

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Hi All,

This is a huge poll with nearly 3000 responses & can indeed be representative of the urban, 'online' dweller.

That city cleanliness, air /noise pollution & better water & power issues in the state throws no surprises considering that the city is, in fact very dirty & water is becoming a real problem.

On the central level, corruption & security are the top concerns - in the backdrop of the mumbai attacks & the satyam scandal. Even in the absence of these, corruption issues would still have topped as it has always done on many other polls across the nation.

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Underlying theme

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I agree, Clean & efficient governance seems to the the summary at state and national level. Be honest, dont divide and polarize us, dont swindle money, dont have criminals represent us, protect us from terrorists, criminals by keeping the police neutral and responsible.

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Correction needed in State level issues

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This is a statistically significant but potentially biased sample.   Biased because it represents only internet users.  However it could be very representative of Bangaloreans as internet usage here is supposedly high (anyone has data?).

Need to correct top 3 in the State level issues

# 1 - Investments in energy sector

# 2 - Police reforms

# 3 - Lok Ayukta

# 4 - Communalism.


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Water, power, amenities, corruption - and traffic?

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That is probably the pattern for us urban voters. If traffic was up there as a standalone item, would definitely have been the top issue. The survey had separate traffic/transportation items like Metro, Roads - and those got good attention.

So anyway, results depend a lot on the design of survey. Regardless, Water, Power and corruption are top issues, sort of universal, isn't it. It was heartening to see Water get so many clicks.

Urban and local governance reforms - see how low in the list these are. These are possibly the root of all problems. But perhaps most of us dismiss as either too geeky to understand, or as something that is too unrealistic to expect from our elected politicians.

Also, now, the question is - how many of these issues can an MP really influence and bring change on?

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issue or no-issues

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