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RTI to save bellandur lake

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HI All,

Everyday I travel via the road next to bellandur lake to OOR. The speed at which the dumping trucks are covering up the lake is scary. I am planning to file a RTI seeking more information about this issue. As I am filing an RTI for the first time, would welcome any help in helping me format the right queries for the RTI.


Abhijit Das


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why not start with lodging a complaint with bbmp

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Why not start with (or atleast parallely) lodge a complaint with BBMP, LDA and any concerned authorities about the problem.
Also, for RTI, you may have to come up with the exact set of questions you ask, which can help you with further action. Otherwise they won't entertain or won't provide good answers to questions of "why", "how" etc.

Lodge a complaint with bbmp, take the docket num, use that in RTI as well.

Lodge a complaint with LDA commissioner.

I hope, many other on this forum, who might have better information on how to proceed on this, will guide you more.



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team up with this lot

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Welcome to PRAJA, Abhijit.

Here's a typical RTI exercise, which process you too may follow.

As far as Lakes are concerned, there is an active group working on various aspects of it - - perhaps, you may like to join them.

A prominent member is Mr Arbind Gupta (

Muralidhar Rao

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