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Proof of address for change of address in Passport

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Here is the list of documents that can be used while submitting for the change of address in Passport Office (to be given in the office corresponding to current address and not old address):

Here is the list of documents that can be used while submitting for the change of address in Passport Office (to be given in the office corresponding to current address and not old address):

Proof of Address

You are required to submit atleast 1 of the documents listed below.
1 Water Bill
2 Telephone (landline or post paid mobile bill)
3 Electricity bill
4 One year statement (with transactions)/ Passbook of running bank account (Scheduled Commercial bank excluding Regional Rural banks and local area banks)
5 Income Tax Assessment Order
6 Election Commission Photo ID card
7 Proof of Gas Connection
8 Certificate from Employer of reputed companies on letter head
9 Spouse's passport copy (First and last page including family details), (provided the applicant's present address matches the address mentioned in the spouses passport)
10 Applicant's current and valid ration card
11 Parent's passport copy, in case of minors(First and last page)
Note (For Document No. 1, 2, and 3) : Atleast 2 bills are required - One bill should of be of last year and the other bill of current year.
Note (For Document No. 8) : Only public limited companies can give address proof on company letter head along with seal. Computerised print-outs shall not be entertained.
Note (For Document No. 10) : If any applicant submits only ration card as proof of address, it should be accompanied by one more proof of address out of the given categories.

Apart from the notes that are mentioned above, this list comes with a disclaimer: Note:The list of documents provided in the table above is indicative. Kindly, ascertain the latest documents required by calling at 1800-258-1800 (Toll-free) or visiting Helpdesk at PSK or PO. The decision of APO/RPO shall be considered final.



There are few things that need to be clarified:

1. First Note says two bills are required. One from last year and the other from current year. This means (Dec 2010 and Jan 2011) or (Jan 2010 and Mar 2011)  pairs of bills are both acceptable. This current year and last year makes no sense. It should have been last two months of bills as it would make the people give more recent address and allow frequent updates to keep track of where the family is moving from security point of Nation's view.

2. Note 2 regarding public companies. These kind of definitions should identify the Central Govt circular number. They should also give full description or lookup table for the acceptable public limited companies. It can also include another clause such as companies that have been out there for say x years or making atleast x crores of annual revenue in  last two consecutive years.

3. Note 3 reagrding ration card. I can't undertand why would you not consider ration card alone to be significant. Even if this is the case, it is as good as I do not have ration card proof. I can just submit some other proof alone.

4. Disclaimer like decision of APO/RPO considered final are loopholes that is created and fail to make robust polices. Due to flexible policies a lot of time is wasted in arguing about the policies and also failure to having them followed rigrously. To make country strong, we need strict an clear rules. These kind of cases also leave places where corruption will remain in the country.

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