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Top traffic offenders - inititiative from Hyderabad police


 Google spreadsheet of top traffic offenders - maybe bangalore could copy :-)

and info about fines not being paid

Apply chennai's story in Bangalore ?

Just read this blog entry  on "Indian Liberals and Colour Pictures" by Amit Verma . Among other things, he talks about how colour pictures were used to transform chennai roads.

Excerpt : (Emphasis mine)

Cherubal works as a coordinator at Chennai City Connect, and holds the view that politicians and bureaucrats, sometimes caricatured as the villains in the piece by dogmatic liberals, are often on our side, and agree with us about the nature of the problems. But giving them abstract ideas about what to do is pointless, for they don’t have the bandwidth to take them further. The only effective approach is two-pronged: One, show them case studies to demonstrate that our solutions have worked elegantly elsewhere; Two, give them a detailed road-map of how to implement the solution.


Everything elseWater

 This blog entry is to capture some RWH calculations and upload an excel file to show the calculations.

Marketing project on BMTC - a survey

Public Transport

Thampan sent in this request for help with a survey he is doing for his project on BMTC at IIM-B. Posting the link to the survey and the note on his behalf. He says thanks to all Praja contributors for the amazing information his team found here:

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