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Developed or underdeveloped?

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I met My friend Ace Political Expert ( APE)  at the University Library who had come to return Abdul Kalam’s book ‘2020 – A Vision for the New Millennium ’ .

In his book, Dr. Kalam had predicted India would be a developed country by 2020.

Janatha Marga vs. Raja Marga

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This is a tale of two roads in Mysore.

The Janatha Marga  and Raja Marga.

The Janataha Marga is also called the poor man’s, Raja Marga. It is known as Krishnaraja sagara Road, in short, KRS Road.

Isn't it true of our situation too ?

Urban DevelopmentGovernance


Isn't this true  of us too? Probably few thosands vs. One Billion++.....

Bangalore scene before computers

Note: This was published in Churumuri as once-upon a -time- before- computers- in Bangalore (http://churumuri.wordpres...)

One upon a time, before computers in Bangalore

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Bangalore scene before computers.........(This was published earlier in Churumuri on August 14, 2009 as ‘Once upon a time before computers in Bangalore’ )                    

Whose Responsibility Are These?

Public Transport

Do we have accidents waiting to happen at every turn?

Needed - A Kukkarahallikere Lake Authority ( KLA)

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The   name Kukkanahalli Kere  at once brings in the names of R.K Narayan and KUVEMPU  who spent their evenings watching the sunset  while writing some of their best literary works. Thousands of strollers over generations have enjoyed the serene beauty of the lake having their walk around the lake and improved their health.

Disproportionate Budget for health care

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This year parts of India have been devastated by swirling viruses which is spreading across the country.Dengue and Chikun Gunya in particular were predominant in most localities in Bangalore and ot

Drinking Water Testing - involve NIE, SJCE

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Come summer, there are waterborne diseases lurking in corner to strike the population, more so  our brethern in our  slums and in localities, not so well developed.

Railway Profits: Which figure is correct?

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While presenting the Rail Budget, the new Raiway Minister Ms. Mamata Bannerjee informed the year-end surplus for the year 2007-2008 was RS. 8000 Crores whereas Mr.

Early Bangalore as seen from Bus Route # 11

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Bangalore in Fifties and Sixties was still a Pensioners’ Paradise and very much a sleepy town. It was mostly divided into City and Cantonment with Basavanagudi and Malleshwaram well known among its residential areas. Jaya Nagar or its famous mosquitoes had not made their debut yet.

Use Jnnurm funds for Recharging lakes, wells, tanks and other water bodies

Elsewhere in Praja there  are posts on 'Killing Lakes' supported be excellent documentation.

Mysore Bangalore Rail Double line Project

Public Transport

Whatever happened to the gallopping project of Double line between Bangalore and Mysore? The latest roadblock is the monument concerning Tippusultan Gun carriage which is rumoured to come very close to the tracks and hence the doubling rail track goes back to the back burner or freezer if you ask me!

Death on a Train

The train from Mysore towards Bangalore left at 6:45 on 28th October, last Sunday morning, like any other day. Being Sunday, it was less crowded, the passengers comprising mostly middle-aged and elderly and a small group of traders discussing the zooming sensex.After sometime a sense of ennui, sleepiness took over the train amidst vendor’s shout of coffee and tea.

Just before the train reached Mandya, there was some commotion from passengers, 2 bogies away. Soon after, the Ticket collector came enquiring whether there is a doctor in the train to attend to a passenger who had become unconscious.

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