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BIAL Official Updates September 2007

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New! Oct 2007 Images Of BIAL!!

New! Oct 2007 BIAL Airport City, Plans & Renders!!

Construction progress update for September 2007

The opening of the new Bangalore International Airport draws closer with just 6 more months to go. Progress on the project is now approximately 85%. In addition to the runway being complete, the taxiway has also been completed. At the terminal building, all the civil works are now done and finishing works are in progress.

The Terminal Building

- The installation of the eight fixed link bridges connecting the terminal building and the apron is now complete. Additionally, in the baggage handling areas, the electrical and instrumentation works are nearing completion. The commissioning activities for these areas are due to begin shortly.

- Installation work of the glass elevators, escalators, the automatic doors for entry and exit into the terminal building is now being carried out. Work on the installation of fire alarm detectors and the light fittings continued.

- At the duty free area, the site handover to the food and beverage concessionaire was achieved this month. Other construction work for the retail shops continued.

- At the car park area in front of the terminal building the final paver block installations are progressing. The landscaping works within this area continued.

- The installation of the light poles along the main access road and the car park is in progress. 60% of the light poles have been installed.

Airside Works

- The installation of the approach lights and the flash lights on the east and the west side of the runway are completed and the installation of taxiway lights is now in progress. Work on the airside wall illumination is progressing at a good pace; currently 310 light poles out of the total 323 poles have been installed. Cabling works are now in progress. On the Apron area, laying of the final concrete layer is nearing completion.

Other buildings and Infrastructure

- The earthwork for the main access road outside the boundary wall is nearing completion.

- Construction of the trumpet interchange connecting NH7 to the airport is in progress. The earthwork, foundation concreting work, column concreting work and the pre-cast retaining wall work is ongoing.

- At the Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower, the aluminium composite panel (ACP) cladding and glass fixing works are nearing completion.

- The elevator installation works in the ATC tower and the ATC block are nearing completion.

- The installation of the pumps and other equipment in the sewage treatment plant and the pump houses continued.

- Nav- Aid (navigation aid) buildings: At the Radar Tx building, the final finishing and electrical works are in progress. All the other Nav-aid facilities such as the localizer buildings, the DVOR building, the frangible and the non-frangible buildings are completed and are ready for inspection.


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Imagining BIAL

Actually,about BIAL it is not that it is square, but that the squareness is very uninspiring. i want piped carnatic/hindustani/fusion and filter kapi and badami murals/chittara/mysoreminiature/ and a big stone thorana/gates stuff that will say wilkommen to the kadamba land in the second millenium. all that about KA that lies scattered could have been consolidated. the one element they had was -rangoli- even that they shot down. whatever... enough dreaming :D
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I am sure BIAL will be very efficient and will look good too.. Its right that when one sees HIAL they will be stunned but I am sure BIAL will look great too - one negative part on BIAL is that the authorities did not show off their designs unlike HIAL website does. But I am sure when its done - it will be very efficient and beautiful - Infact I have travelled a lot and BIAL reminds me of Atlanta Hartsfield Intl Airport when we look from outside. Awesome :)
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Ugly Duckling

dunno about you guys, but i am proud of our ugly little duckling called BIAL - compared to HIAL this one ugly little thing, but this is namma duck and this one has paddled its way through amidst all the cackle for the last few years. More or less BIAL's story. you know plays Tom here. :) Brunner better deliver on his service promises now. comment guidelines

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