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Do we have the right Civic Attitude?

Its just lacking, isn't it?. Come on, lets not run away from the fact anymore. Spending a couple of crores on something big for the good of the city and the country is no big deal anymore. The biggest let downs are either, we just dont know how to use what is given to use or we just dont care and carry on with the "Great Indian Civic attitude" that we have. I know some thoughts might have already got triggerred for some of you that. who is this guy, making such a big statement. Let me not isolate myself from it, but we just do not carry the fundamental civic attitide with us.

I am not saying that the BIA is a masterpiece or the Metro is so very efficient that i need not even think of taking out my car or for that matter, even if i do take it , i have a ring road that caters to any number of vehicles with all its 6 or 8 lanes in it, but do we really carry the fundamental Civic Attitude to use it properly even what we have today.

Lets say, the BIA becomes a 5 terminal airport with a HSR into the airport with connectivity from all corners of Bengaluru; Lets say, the BMTC gives us such good connectivity that my car starts rusting without usage; Lets say, The CRR, PRR and STRR are so ideal that i can enter and exit as i please while driving to work or elsewhere. The question we need to ask ourselves is: Do we really know how to use all this infrastructure or will we even care to use it properly or will we continue to carry the attitude what we have today which says, "I just need to be comfortable, and i will do as i wish. I care a damn about others, and the problem i create for them with what i do." (Yaavanu elligaaru haalagi hogli, naanu sariyaagidre saaku ashtey - Attitude) comment guidelines

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