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Trucks, buses and autos without tail lights

A simple tail light can save thousands of mishaps that occur on highways and even on city roads. Yet, most of the transport oriented vehicles including BBMP buses, trucks and autos have no tail lights. It's a horrid sore scene to see the lack of tail lights on almost all of these vehicles. They are a hazard mostly on high speed zones - such as ORR and highways. Obviously 'high speed' is a relative term used in comparison with city roads.

It's quite apparent that tons of people would've rammed into vehicles either parked carelessly or just moving slowly without their tail lights on. It could've led to several serious accidents. I believe this is a major concern on the Poona-Mumbai expressway as well. Trucks plying at slow speeds without tail lights and high speed cars ramming into them.

I guess the RTO/Traffic police can enforce mandatory tail lights - but then we all know how effective the enforcers are :). Anyways just wanted to bring this up for discussion.

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Routine inspections by traffic police

Traffic police routinely pull over motorists to check for DL, insurance, tax, pollution certificate. Not having these documents results in fine or fine without bill(you know what that means). Both these are undesiarable situations, and most people carry their documents.

These stops can also include a basic inspection of vehicle for:

1>all lights working

2>no bald tires

If the punishment is fine(with or wtihout bill), nobody will break any rules. 


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Traffic Police and RTO

I believe its not the duty of the traffic police to check the road-worthiness of the vehicle. This has to be done by the RTO/ Brake Inspector / Motor Vehicle Inspector. The duty of the traffic police is to check for traffic violations and DL/Insurance/TaxPollution. comment guidelines

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