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Shortcomings of PPP Airports: Wharton Article

Knowledge@Wharton on the shortcomings of PPP w.r.t Airports such as GHIAL and BIAL:


wharton article on PPP here

From the article:

From the article:

Brunner of BIAL explains that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) rates airports on a scale of one to five on 27 different parameters, like accessibility, parking facilities and ease of check-ins. Some of the best airports, like Changi and Zurich, are in the range of 3.9 to 4.1. "In India, the best rating that any airport has managed to achieve until now is only 2.6," he says. "According to our agreement, BIAL has to achieve a minimum rating of 3.5 for the new international airport. If we do not achieve this, we are obliged to return the airport to the government."

My comments:

While speaking to the liason for corporate communications with BIAL, Mr R Mithun, he informed me that BIAL has three years to achieve the required IATA rating. Atleast as quality conscious customers / end-users we can be assured that since such a damocles' sword is hanging on BIAL - they will have to perform to International standards.

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Great Article !


Many thanks - the article on India's road to PPP in airports was an excellent assessment, & I fully agree with the author's perceptions.


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Quoted in Wharton article


Not to blow my own trumpet, but I contributed quite a bit to the Wharton article. I will not name the lady who wrote it, but I fully agree with you. A very good article that deserves full praise.



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