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Roads around major Lakes (Belandur, Madiwala)

As traffic and congestion growing day by day in Bangalore city, it's high time to think of Alternate roads around major Lakes in the city. Especially in South Bangalore lakes like Belandur, Madiwala which can reduce congestion and help traffic diverted on the alternate routes.

A thought: if a circular road around "Belandur lake" can provide connectivity to Airport Road, Koramangala-Indira Nagar Inner RingRoad, Sarjapur-OuterRingRoad

Similarly a ring road around "Madiwala lake" can help to connect Hosur Road, BTM 2nd Stage, Bannerghatta Road, BTM 4th Stage, BTM Ring Road

"Parks" can be formed around these lakes, which can help to maintain lakes and preserve the nature.

Suggestions are welcome!

Anent Prakash

Garden City

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working with BTIS?

Sorry for off-topic comment Anent, but wanted to ask if you are working on or associated with BTIS (since you supplied the link in your signature here). If yes, then could you throw some light on what things you guys are working on.

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Hello silkboard,

I am nowhere related/working with BTIS. I just shared a link which i found useful to the people here. since the day they started this site BTIS, i found it improving and adding useful stuffs for the commuters in the city. As has a vision to help Bangalore, i would like to contribute to an extent possible.


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got it

Got it Anent. Please join in, I see that you blog a lot about Bangalore. Consider moving here, or cross post at both places if you'd like to keep your personal blog too. The thing is - "we" has more power than "me". If we all talk constructive stuff together at fewer places, better will be our chances of attracting attention and visibility.
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road connecting BTM and Hosur

I heard there is a proposal to connect BTM and Hosur road by building a road over/by the madiwala lake. It looks feasible to me. 

 Does anybody have any info on this.

Hurry Home

The Sage

Hurry Home

The Sage

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road connecting BTM and Hosur

I heard it got dropped :(


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roads over lakes

about this general area there were a few discussions previously. messing up the madivala has already taken that part of the city to the launderers. we need to be very careful about tampering more. they have shown no level of sophistication in dealing with drains so far. i fear this will only add to the mess that follows the rains. the other famous road around gottigere is in the courts, although for different reasons.
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Roads around Lakes

I agree that lakes are messed up by launderers and many others...

Roads has to be laid around the lakes (not over it).  Parks can be created around the lakes to preserve the lake and regular clean up/sewage process system.

Road helps to connect areas around the lakes and distribution of traffic.

Parks helps a lot in many aspects and for Greener Bangalore. Parks can help the Govt to generate revenue and to maintain them! LDA - Lake Development Authority should tie up with the BBMP/BDA or the respective authority to develop such useful projects for the people!

Take the real example of Hussain Sagar Lake in Hyderabad, which has 3-4 parks around it.

For Madiwala lake, road exists around - only the disconnect part has to be connected. which will give relief to people around this region (BTM - Bannerghatta - Begur - Hosur).

Roads exists around Madiwala lake: Tank Shore Road, BTM 29th Main Road, Deverachikkanahalli Main Road, Begur Road, Hosur Road.

Begur Road from Hosur Road is in bad state, traffic gets clogged all the time. If Begur road can be improved, which will help commuters from Hosur road to Bannerghatta Road to have an alternate way instead of using BTM Ring Road > Bannerghatta Road

Multiple interconnects at different locations between Begur Road & Bannerghatta Road will help a lot and divert traffic. 

It applies to for the lake near Gottigere & Belandur. comment guidelines

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