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interview with DCP traffic East on radio indigo

There was an interview with DCP traffic east today morning on radio indigo.

I heard only part of it.

Couple of points which i felt worthwhile to bring to the attention of the group


1) You can mail the pictures of traffic offenders to The department will take action if conclusive evidence is present. ( notices will be sent by post from automation center to the vehicle owner)

2) A visit can be arranged for interested group of citizens to the newly naugurated traffic maintenance center where remote viewing of various sites is done. The department is willing to receive feedback from active citizens.

3) Department is working with BMTC to help reduce traffic viloations. Rs 25 lakh has been collected from BMTC as fine amount.

4) Training ongoing for improvement to the blackberry based fine collection. Within 10 days, a history of the offences will be available at the fine collection level and the penalty will be based on the history of the offender.


The DCP traffic East sounded a very friendly man on the radio who is willing to listen to people. May be Praja could collect a series of questions for him and mail it to him. ( As praja instead of as individuals).


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Will do this

Actually, some of have sent pictures to the DCPEast id in past, and have heard good responses.

Will try what you suggested. Contact him to see if he can take QnAs, or respond to some of our suggestions.

Meanwhile, if anyone has approachable 'connections' (X is my neighbor, Y is my cousin's father-in-law type thing) into officers or bureaucrats, let us know via the contact form. We know that a lot of them are nice and helpful people constraint by various other things around them. comment guidelines

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