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Want corridors, not flyovers

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As Rithesh said here, Rammurthy Nagar under pass on ORR has moved jams to nearby signals. Jayadeva Circle flyover has made BTM 19th main signal and ORR/BG Road intersection area tougher to manage. Combination of Jayadeva circle and Dairy circle underpasses have made BG Road between the two points unmanageable. Flyover at silk board junction will soon stick out like a sore thumb once elevated Hosur Road is done, couple of more pillars and elevated road could have poured vehicles directly on ORR and Hosur Road.
Look around for more examples, and many flyovers of Bangalore (exceptions - the old one over Mysore Road - because its long and targetted at Mysore Road, and 1 or 2 more) would seem like illusions - investments haven't been justified. But on the other hand, idea behind magic boxes underpasses is nicer, because it aims to create signal free corridor via a few underpasses one after another.
Basically, a flyover to eliminate just a crowded signal is a terribly bad idea. Planning a managed 'corridor' via synchronized signals and focused enforcement is better and cheaper. Planning a few flyovers to create signal free corridor is also okay, though expensive - we need a few of these in every city.
Imagine that instead of 15 odd flyovers that we have paid for, all that money were to be used to create an elevated corridor that took you from Silk Board to Hebbal, or Tumkur Road to Marathahalli. Imagine 1 north-south and 1 east-west corridor, and a signal free ORR, if possible with dedicated bus lanes, but those wont be needed if these corridors are access controlled with fewer entry and exit points. This type of road network would simply separate long haul vehicles from short trip autos and two wheelers. Much better use of our money than shortsighted and ugly flyovers here and there.
[PS: Will add maps and images to embellish this post]


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Creation of Arterial Roads

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Creation of Arterial Roads or Expressways in Bangalore It will do good for BBMP / BDA to identify arterial roads or expressways north-south and east-west. These arterial roads or expressways should have at least four lanes on either side should extend throughout the length and breadth of Bangalore for a distance of 25 Kms to 30 Kms. should lead out of Bangalore suburbs should have beautiful flyovers at a distance of every 5 Kms (flyovers without any traffic lights) should have sufficient number of underpasses for pedestrians should have connection to other major roads should be cemented or RCC throughout should allow IT companies to set up shops on either side at a minimum distance of 150 ms from the expressways should have the patch of 150 ms full of green cover should ensure that IT companies are involved in maintaining the beauty of these roads If existing roads cannot be converted into expressways, all buildings on either side (except monuments and endangered trees species ) should be demolished Thus all major traffic can be diverted on these roads and traffic jams in the city can be avoided.
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Little too much to expect

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Srinath, some of above are not practical, there is not enough space to enhance any arterial/radial road to be an expressway running through the heart of the city. 150 meter clearance, with patch full of grass - dont see how that could happen.

Thinking practically, a start would be to identify N-S and E-W stretches that can be  1) widened, 2) focused for enforcement for parking and driving rules 3) setup with synchronized signals. With a few elevated sections here and there, such a corridor would seem more practical and possible than the ambitious expressway you suggest.

How about we identify the two corridors here using google map? We can start with the elevated roads suggested in CTTP, and suggest elevated or enhanced additions to them.

Stay tuned.

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Hai thanks for considering

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thanks for considering my suggetsions

but these are not such that they are not practical; it requires some detailed & probably tedious planning to implemnet the same. as I sugsested, if need be, existing roads can be taken up  and widened to the desired width. it may also entail demolition of structures (as they are doing in China for Bejing in Olympics and in Bangalore for metro)

i would very much like to meet you over a weekend so that we can arrive at a a viable plan of an expressway.

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