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Marathahalli bridge updates

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[Updated July 28] Construction work is on for the other half of the railway bridge. 3 new lanes opened in March, but how long before we get the new 3 lanes? I am guessing about 3 more months. Earth filling work is complete on east side, and is currently on from ORR side. The old bridge is all but gone, and its replacement is making a slow progress.

That area, literally a war zone for sometime now with construction in sight everywhere, has been an interesting picture of contrast over last year. While the bridge has been moving at its sarkaari pace, those big apartment complexes have added floor after floors! What happens when all those apartments - at least 2000-2500 units waiting for movers there - go live!? I am told they planned for this very predictable chaos. How exactly, I don't know. But there are some possible ways to deal with this:

1) Have a separate entry into ORR from somewhere behind the apartments (on the north side)

2) Don't let vehicles cut across traffic on the foot of the bridge (like how it is in these pictures I took last weekend).

3) Another thing that should help a bit would be a separate road from behind the complexes (north side again) connecting to Brookfield main road.

I have heard some folks say #1 has indeed been planned. And going by the space left (for a road?) under the bridge just before the railway tracks, I am thinking #2 might happen as well. Does anyone know? To the guys who have bought apartments there - any interesting updates from your builders?


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map of the area in question.

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It isn't just Purva Riviera as marked on the google map, there are a few more apartment complexes right there.
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Traffic is just part of the problem

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I have seen the concrete jungle there. I am sure it will add a lot of burden on the infrastructure when all those apartments are occupied. But I think traffic is only a part of the problem. Imagine providing Water, Sewerage, Electricity etc to all these apartments. And of course there must be many more such apartments around Vartur, Saibaba Ashram and other areas.

Whitefield is not particularly well known for it groud water table and Kaveri network (AFAIK) covers only the AECS Layout. I wonder if the people who built these apartments ever thought about this at all.

As far as easing the congestion at this junction is concerned, I guess anything on that front would be welcome. I have heard that there is already a road (kacha one) that connects graphite India to ORR.Developing that might be of some help too.



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when they approve residential complexes ...

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or even new office complexes, making sure that new offices and dwellings will have enough road, water, power, roads, lung space and amenities would be part of the 'approval' process, right? Would this approval process be in public domain? Can we ask for the paperwork used (via RTI of course) when approving this high density residential area, and also those concrete jungles near Sarjapur Road-ORR intersection? BTW, went through the bridge this afternoon and have updated the post. Seems like we are about 3 months away from getting the 3 new lanes.
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RTI is a good idea

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RTI might be a good idea!! I dont know if the'process' is available under RTI but the conditions for approval and the approvals for these particular projects should be. If we succeed in getting these pieces of information, then we can compare the two.

Do you know how we can start?


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