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Protest against Error-ridden Voters' list - 31st March

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Vote Bengaluru protests against error-ridden electoral rolls in Bangalore

Date: Monday, 31st March 2008
Venue: Mahathma Gandhi Statue, M.G. Road
Time: 10.30 AM to 12.00 noo

All are welcome. Please come in large numbers.

Dear friends,

As a first step towards bringing a shift from vote-bank to issue-based elections, VOTE Bengaluru (VB) has been working towards correcting the electoral rolls in Bangalore.

Recently, VB, along with several Residents' Welfare Associations, carried out an analysis of the electoral rolls of selected polling booths in Bangalore (published on 1.1.08 and 18.02.08).

In early February 2008 itself, Vote Bengaluru submitted a memorandum to the Chief Electoral Officer-Karnataka and also to the Chief Election Commissioner, New Delhi, pointing out the fundamental errors in the electoral rolls as prepared on 1.1.08.

VB also provided a list of suggested remedies and requested them to make the necessary corrections before the rolls were published on 18.02.08.

The CEO-Karnataka concurred with the observations made by Vote Bengaluru regarding the nature of errors but expressed inability to set right the errors in the immediate future.

The study by VB constituents has revealed that the errors in the electoral rolls are not only due to missing or bogus names, but are a result of fundamental anomalies [i.e. (1)The Part or Polling Booth Area (PBA) is not geographically unique, i.e., the same roads or portions of roads appear in different Sections of a Part or in different Parts ; (2) The Part often does not encompass a geographically contiguous area; (3) The map that accompanies the Part is neither geographically accurate nor drawn to scale.]

One of the analyses by an RWA states that the percentage of error is more than 50%.

We strongly feel that unless these fundamental errors are corrected, the voter lists are bound to be incorrect to a large extent. The errors that have been pointed out by the volunteering RWAs are not isolated, or specific to only their wards, but are generic in nature and afflict most rolls. In fact, some of these errors had been brought to the notice of the Election Commission - Karnataka way back in 2004. Since then, we have been promised corrections to the list during successive revisions, which have not happened till now. We believe that if the corrections are not done now, they will continue indefinitely.

When officials are questioned about why this is not done, there is all-round passing of the buck.

VB insists that these changes should be made and the rolls re-printed before the coming Assembly elections to Karnataka, as going in for an election while accepting that the electoral rolls are flawed is to make a mockery of democracy and reduce it to a farce.

In view of this, VB is staging a protest on Monday 31st March 2008 at Mahatma Gandhi statue near MG road from 10.30 am to 12 noon. After the dharna, a delegation will be submitting a memorandum at the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer – Karnataka. An appointment with the Governor has also been sought on the same day at 12.30 PM.

We request you to participate in the same, bring along your friends, strengthen our hands and demonstrate your solidarity in demanding clean electoral rolls.

For Vote Bengaluru,

Poornima DG N.S.Mukunda Kathyayini Chamaraj Madhu Sudhan

Mob.9845762757 93437 96807 98803 97401 99808 76440

VOTE Bengaluru (VB) is a joint initiative of well-known citizens' groups in Bangalore, such as Citizens' Action Forum , CIVIC, KKNSS, Public Affairs Centre, and Swabhimana. The aim of VB is to cleanse the electoral system and bring about a shift from vote-bank to issue-based elections.

Reach VB at :

CIVIC, #6, 2nd floor, Kasturi Apartments, 35/23, Langford Road Cross, Shanthinagar, Bangalore – 560 025

Phone: 2211 0584

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