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Meeting BBMP - updated.

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Based on some discussions we have been having here on the subject of planned development, its time to organize a Praja-style meeting with BBMP.

We need an anchor volunteer to organize this meeting, and collect questions here before the meeting. We will send an email from praja id to initiate the contact with Mr Subramanya's office. After that, it would be anchor's ball.

Interested? Leave a private message to admin. We can use this post for some question gathering as well.

BBMP is a key agency responsible for planned development of the city, the central areas of Bangalore Metropolitan region. They own the planning norms and byelaws. Some of us want to understand their planning process, and the ways in which they enforce their byelaws and developmental norms.

Something that members here seem to be interested in are:

  • BBMP's enforcement record
  • BBMP's budget making process, staff strength
  • How they work with other civic bodies like Traffic Police, BMTC - basically, their side of things.
  • Citizen complaint mechanism - whats in place, and whats not
  • How do they rate themselves on pro-active disclosure norm of RTI.

Focus will be understanding their workings, and things relevant citizen participation. We will not go into specifics of hot issues like CVS/SAS. First meeting will not give us enough time for all that.

Alright then. Lets see the interest levels here first. Watch for updates.


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should we start

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should we start logging in questions? because it will some time ...
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So nobody finds this interesting or important enough!? I think it will be interesting to know BBMP's side on enforcement. I want to know what should I do on seeing a 5 floor building with zero setback and basement consumed with shops instead of parking. I want to know where to call and complain if I see unauthorized hoarding alongside a road. I want to know how they take public input when preparing budgets.


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ofcourse it is interesting

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Ofcourse it is interesting and I definitely want to participate. There is nobody who is going to wave a magic wand on this city. We need to do that ourselves and this meeting will be a huge way of moving forward.

"Seek not to find who you are, but to determine who you want to be. Stop looking for a purpose as to why you are here. Create it. Life is not a process of discovery but a process of creation."

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I am on

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count me in, of course!

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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I'm sure interested

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I'll chip in anyway possible. Ready to march to the meeting as long as it does not conflict with other schedules....

Additions to the list - we need to understand:

> BBMP's take on the state of affairs - how do they perceive their performance? doing great, good, could be better, deep down in the pits, no chance for improvement.....

> BBMP's take on what they think they lack? and their strengths?

> BBMP's project tracking process - often we hear 'contractor requested extension because....."

> BBMP's system for updating and releasing project status information to city residents they serve 



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The Joint Commissioner

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The Joint Commissioner (East), PRO, DPRO and CE (East) email ids bounce back mails, seems they never open their email boxes, why have one and put it up in the website
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Madiwala Lake encroached

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Madiwala lake of late some cleaning activities seen and park under repair. The biggest question is that lake land was 370 acre land has been reduced to 108 as per the chart which is stunning. The encroacher Ex counselor and politicians have taken the land and constructed temporary building and rented. The another group of slum dwellers moved to encroach land by illegally and land sharks will use these slum guys to build apartment. The Forest department and Lake authority are mute. Don't they know the land boundaries?Why no action against them? Why forest /Lake officials are not accountable or aiding them?

Best  Wishes
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SB - Can we Kickstart this ?

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SB - I had'nt seen this before (was not in town then). Can we get started & push this ? You can count me in. comment guidelines

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