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November 2013

About VM Boards by BTP


I have been observing  couple of VM Displays (They call it as variable message display boads) in hosur road, domlur and near mysore bank. Observation done for few weeks without specific study target. Few notes on this are below. Just wanted to know what you guys think.


Pedal to Work Event at Bharat Electronics / Jalahalli on 27-28th Nov

Lets Burn Fat -  Not Oil,  Pedal to Work  has been planned on 28th to encourage people to take cycle to work.

Cycle on rent for one day also provided those who wants to experience the cycling.

Workshop  at 4:15PM  BEL Officers Club,  Jalahalli  and Myank is joining on this.

Tumkur MP Shri. Basavaraj writes to PM, Railway Minister and CM for Suburban Rail Project!

Commuter Rail

As you all know recently the former Chief Secretary Shri. Ranganath had sent the formal propsoal on 'Bangalore Suburban Rail Service' to Railway Board. Subsequent to that progress by GOK, Tumkur MP Shri. G. S.

Bicycles on BMTC

One of the biggest hits of the first cycle day amongst people was BMTC allowing people to carry cycles to cycle day in their buses. Lots of people liked it. We even communicated the same to BMTC. We had hopes of getting them to repeat it and also extend it to non cycle day days. Instead they pulled out of this committment.

Neta/ Babu car travels the cause of all that is rotten in the city

Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy blamed engineers and officials of the BBMP for the poor progress in waste management. “BBMP officials do not seem to see anything. The engineers and joint commissioners sit in their cars and travel through the city but they do not see the garbage on the roads or problems of citizens,” he said. comment guidelines

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