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September 2013

Fresh rent-seeking avenue for BESCOM staff

Most apartment complexes have so far been tapping from their common area power connections for the in-house utility service centres (kirana shop, ironing shop, etc), which are generally outsourced to local vendors. That way, they have been enjoying the benefit if domestic tariffs for the power needs of these services.

Maaru - Mola - Still the length measuring standard used

In Markets of Bangalore or else where in Karnataka, for measuring the length of flowers, people still use age old 'Maaru', a full length of the arm, or 'Mola', half length of arm and do lot of cheating. None uses a metre scale and measure the same.

LRT for CBD?

Public Transport

BMTC plays a major role in providing the only PT option for Bangalore. However even with busses there is a section of the society which swears by the direction based routing as a solution for better and faster PT within the city, instead of the destination based one which is what we have predominantly now.

Urban Infrastructure how GOI is making efforts and further analysis


1.  Report of the Sub-Committee on Financing Urban Infrastructure

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