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September 2013

BMTC's Trunk & Feeder services


BMTC has at long last announced commencement of the Trunk & Feeder Services (check here), which was what was envisaged when the Big-10 services were started.

Isnt poverty a state of mind?

Everything else

Well, many of you may feel, this is a political/controvesial thingi. But I wanted specifically to analyze from an ordinary "Praja's"(Mr.Common Man) view.

Someone said :

Poverty is just a status of mind.

He also said :

Save women commuters from sexual harassment in BMTC buses - suggestion


Women commuters are the silent sufferers of certain harassments being meted out to them during their journeys in BMTC buses. With uncontrolled influx of people into Namma Bengaluru,  more and more people are using the BMTC buses.  One can find young women rushing to board buses, however crowded they may be, with the sole intention of reaching their destinations.

BMTC losing out on outdoor advertising revenues?

You see colorful, big, bright, and sometimes visually polluting hoardings, legal as well as illegal, crowding out road side air space almost everywhere in Bengaluru. The cacophony of imagery and colors tells you that there is decent demand for outdoor advertising.

BIAL Airport Concession Agreement, Its future exapansion, UDF charges, No infusion of Capital by Promotors


Here we have the Concession Agrement signed between BIAL Managment and GOI  on 5th July'2004

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