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January 2013

Bribery and the Convenience Fee.


When I called the building plumber to replace the heating plate of my Water Heater, I was surprised to see that the MRP sticker was removed and the price he had paid seemed to be high (Rs 950/-).  Being wary of it, I asked him to come next day, while I would source the plate myself.

End of life.... What we want done to us

Here is a podcast that really got me thinking hard about medical intervention when death comes knocking.

Please do not extend Bangalore's trains to Mysore

A humble request to the railways from me would be to refrain from extending trains of Bangalore to Mysore as the needs of the capital are manifold greater than the heritage city. If need be, new trains can be introduced from Mysore to different places, but let the trains of Bangalore be left alone.

If you work in tech park / e-city type places - do read, important

Commuter Rail

Need your inputs and help please. Some of us are planning on an awareness campaign for Namma Railu aka demand for Commuter Rail Service. If you work in a tech park like place, or in large offices, wanted to check on a few things: comment guidelines

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