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March 2011

Bicycle repair shops in Bengaluru


 Trying to crowdsource bicycle repair shops on a map. I have made the map in the link editable by all,Just plot the ones you see in your neighbourhood with a marker and save. While you cant edit the embedded image directly, click on the link in the small text below the map.

Dandi March 2

26 Mar 2011 08:00
I've joined the 2nd freedom movement against corruption and in favor of Jan Lokpal bill.
Dandi March in Bangalore on Saturday 26th March 8am begins at Sirsi Circle.

Health of Indian Judicial System!


These are the days of 'Fight against Corruption". Suddenly the middle class has woken up from the deep slumber. The reaction is almost like the Earth has moved beneath them. Every sundry now is joining the bandwagon of 'Crusade Against Corruption'. I hope the Indian Middle class keeps the momentum and sustains the steam to fight this battle till the end.

HAL III Stage Park Beautification 2011

To day March 24, 2011 the Beautification programme of our Park at HAL III stage Bangalore 560075 was kick started by our MLA Mr. Raghu and Corporater Mr. Vijay Kumar.  The function started at 9:30AM and went on till 11:30 

Why the need for ration card to get a gas connection only in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu?

Any citizen of India is eligible for a subsidized gas connection for household use.I am not able to get even a single cylinder for household cooking since I do not have a ration card, nor can I transfer the cylinder I have on my name in Maharashtra to here.I have to pay more than a Rs.1000/- for a cylinder from a private vendor. comment guidelines

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