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December 2010

'pEtE maatu' panel discussion: "Is Bengaluru women-friendly?" on Sat 18 Dec, 4 pm

18 Dec 2010 16:00

Dear Bangalorean women and supportive spouses/family members,

How to get construction rubble cleared ?


Someone has been dumping construction waste material in the lane next to my house.  This consists of  waste mud, sand, tiles, bricks, concrete blocks etc. This has resulted in people dumping trash nearby the construciton waste. When I contacted BBMP, they did clear up the trash but not the construction waste.

Driving License tests on Automated Track (video)

Private transport

 Indian Driving License is the easiest to get. This video demonstration shows it all.

Letter to Mr Pasha, sent Nov 18

BusPublic Transport

Here is the letter sent to Mr Pasha, MD of BMTC, requesting for a meeting on the subject of Bus Priority System. Sent on Nov 18, no direct reply was rceived from him. To Mr Pasha's credit, someone had called from BMTC during last week of November, and promised to arrange a meeting and also supply the information we had asked for.

DDC Handbook for powered 2-Wheelers

This wiki is extesion of current traffic rules/regulations/norms. So common driving rules not mentioned. Please obey rules in general , plus take note of following points as tips and tricks

a) When stuck up (not while moving) traffic jam, inform concerned via mobile phone that you will be late, if you have deadlines. comment guidelines

Posting Guidelines apply for comments as well. No foul language, hate mongering or personal attacks. If criticizing third person or an authority, you must be fact based, as constructive as possible, and use gentle words. Avoid going off-topic no matter how nice your comment is. Moderators reserve the right to either edit or simply delete comments that don't meet these guidelines. If you are nice enough to realize you violated the guidelines, please save Moderators some time by editing and fixing yourself. Thanks!

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