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December 2010

Acknowledge! (once you get DDC stickers)


Hi DDC Pledged drivers,

Mis-use of Kannada by Registrar of Societies


The Registrar of Societies has a very important function to perform in the state, particularly with associations multiplying in their numbers by the day. As it is, they are short of capacity to handle the job they are assigned, effectively.

Where will future sport stars come from?

From malls and convention centers of course!  That is, if we have to go by BU plans ...

Govt Service Providers' Consumer Committee/ Council - how effective?


Taking over as the MD of BESCOM, Mr Manivannan, IAS, is moving in earnest to set up a 'consumer participatory council', which he insists should have 'bottom upwards' approach, lest it also get labelled elitist, like had happened in the case of BATF and ABIDe.

Local Rail for Bengaluru with existing rail lines

Commuter RailPublic Transport

Here is a suggestion to solve Bangalore's traffic problems, also crop up a series of improvements. Railways as mass rapid transport system can play a very big role in solving this problem. Bangalore has railway lines in almost all the directions. It is feasible to ply local trains on these lines. comment guidelines

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