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July 2010

Lake encroachment in Mahadevapura, where to complain?


Want to inform regarding the lake encroachments in and around Mahadevpura and Garudachar Palya regions.Where can we complain?
This is serious problem seen in most areas,covering a lake/pond and constructing.This is happening everywhere including bellandur, mahadevpura, Outer ring road, Garudachar Palya.

Summary of Praja CRS Report - Namma Railu

Here is an overview of the Praja Report on CRS, titled "Namma Railu".

Decongestion of Bengaluru is a burning issue facing the administrators today. With the kind of visibility Bengaluru has in the international arena and the role India is going to play in the world of the future, it is important for both central and state governments to sit up and take notice. Ignoring the long term mass transport needs of the city can backfire on the country. The economy of any city thrives on availability of good quality labor at affordable cost. Expensive housing and increased travel times only put more pressure on productivity of human capital. This may ultimately lead to flight of capital and hurt the economy with cascading effect.

GIM - Beyond Bangalore, Business World


Read some coverage of GIM in BusinessWorld, (Beyond Bangalore). Must say that beyond Bangalore is a nice topic for the article, here are some intereasting bits:

... projects, if they all take off, will see Rs 4 lakh crore being invested ... Almost 65 per cent of these projects are in the iron and steel sector ... in Bellary.

The stat that Karnataka needs to change is this ...

Karnataka ... single-city economy. Bengaluru ... accounts for over 55-60 per cent of the state’s GDP, according to Aroon Raman, chairman of CII-Karnataka.

An interesting angle on iron ore controversy. Will illegal activity go away, be legalized now!?

The under-valuation extortion racket


My flat, part of a multi-storied complex of 124 flats, located in Koramangala, was registered on 16/02/05. From about a year after registration, many of us owners started receiving notices from the 'under-valuation cell' of the Dept of Revenue, GoK, alleging under-valuation in the assessment of stamp duty payable.

BBMP and Road Widening

Most aware citizens say that widening roads to fight traffic congestion is like buying larger clothes to fight obesity. BBMP and some others feel that some arterial roads are choked, and road widening is a must.

Such direct focus on roads, and so little on mobility has been a problem with Bangalore's planners for a decade now. But its only in early 2010, when a large road widening scheme from BBMP threatened to touch thousands of private properties that the debate has hit common citizens of Bengaluru.

Scientifically speaking, city roads needs consistent width - 4 lanes would do just fine - in corridors, better management of stopping and parking along the ribbons of corridors, width for pedestrians to keep them off the tar, and improvement at junctions to manage the flow. comment guidelines

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