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July 2010

JUSCO se logon ko Gussa Kyon aata hai?


so many drinking water woes with the Monsoon in full swing  and people having empty taps now when there is more water, talk about mess-ups again

deadlines missed, monies stopped does it sound any different than before? Yes it does! 

Kudachi-Bagalkot Railway project

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Kudachi-Bagalkot Railway project gets nod

BANGALORE: The South Western Railways (SWR) has completed the survey of the recently sanctioned Kudachi-Bagalkot line in a record time and the Railway Board too has approved the survey and entered it in the pink book.

Hearing pursuant to the appeal under RTI in the case of the Indiranagar Tree Felling

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With the BBMP tree officer remaing silent to the RTI query raised by me on the 10th April, in the matter of the apparently unauthorised tree felling on 100 ft road in Indiranagar (check this), I had sent an appeal to the Commissioner, BBMP, on the 28th June.

BMTC - Extending the monopoly

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Quoting myself from an earlier post "I predict the irrelevance of the auto in the transport scheme within the next 5 years." 

Nanos may push autos out of B’lore

Looks like we dont have to wait 5 years for my prediction comment guidelines

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