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April 2010

Incremental List of Parameters

The following is an incremental list of the parameters we plan to track as part of the water index. We shall continue to add parameters until we finalise a stable index.

Request Praja members to review this list, focusing on
* Any broad category that has not been covered.
* Any parameter that has been left out.


To add to the list,

edit this wiki page and enter your suggested parameter(s) under the sixth category (Additonal Parameters). Please enter clear and concise parameters/descriptions. Rap on the knuckles for vagueness. :)


The first five categories form the initial list. Additonal parameters suggested by Praja members form the 6th category:

1. Pipe Water

    a. Hours of Supply

    b. Coverage - Percentage of households having a bwssb connection.

    c. Unaccounted for Water- Calculated by measuring the amount of water that BWSSB bills to the amount of water that it supplies.

Apr 7 - Car Free Day

7 Apr 2010 00:01
7 Apr 2010 12:00
Public Health

On occasion of World Health Day on 7/Apr/2010 under WHO's 1000 Cities campaign, People of India is planning for a Car Free Day

"Calling People of Bengaluru to observe Car Free Day from Midnight to Noon of 7th April 2010".

What's on FM radio about Bus Day this week!?

BusPublic Transport

Just to keep all in the loop about what's on air about bus day.... 94.3 , radio one, started Monday this week.


Proud of my Corporator?


I just went across the profile of the candidate whom has won the BBMP election from my ward. I 'shamefully' admit to have voted for this person. Given that I had little info on the three candidates contesting, I just went by the party.

Now, I do realise that this great person is a 2nd PUC failure!!

Do you have any better luck, corporators that you be proud of?

And, considering that we have pushed ourselves in the levels of education since the Constitution was drafted in 1950, and considering that the urban electorate is a little more educated than the semi-urban or rural parts - Isnt it the time for us to review the minimal educational requirements of our candidates, atleast for urban local bodies?

With only such candidates on offer, can we ever expect them to understand the various issues of administration, let alone solve them? Your thoughts, rants, and solutions appreciated!!

-Srivatsava V

Soapbox Session: Politics of 74th Amendment

11 Apr 2010 15:00

The BBMP elections are over. The results are out.

We have been hearing a lot about implementation of the 74th Amendment. What is it? Why is it so important? Why are our leaders wary of implementing it?

The next soapbox is "74th amendment" explained. I have a feeling. This topic will get our juices flowing :)

Speaker: Vishwanath Srikantaiah ( Zenrainman)
Topic: Politics of 74th Amendment
Category of Topic: Politics, Citizen Participation,Democracy
Time: 3pm
Venue: Cubbon Park, Opposite Tennis Stadium
Date: 11th April Sunday

In case you need help with directions feel free to get in touch with me (9611115671) or Bala Yesu (9980940872).

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