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March 2010

New Mini Bus Terminal at Byappanahalli on Old Madras Road.

BusPublic Transport

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has begun inter-State operations at a new mini bus terminal at Baiyappanahalli on Old Madras Road.

According to K A Rajkumar, Director (Operations), the State-run corporation has constructed a small facility near the old NGEFactory, on a trial basis.

“We have commenced bus services from 19 March on a one-way basis (towards Kolar and Tirupati). About 500 odd buses, including Volvo will ply daily through the new terminus from the City towards destinations such as Kolar, Chintamani, Malur, Chittor, Tirupati and Chennai. The new facility also has 12 bus bays” said Rajkumar. KSRTC will shortly finalise introduction of BMTC onnection to this new facility

Poor  publicity  by KSRTC may be due to BBMP election.  Now they should give good advertisment about this.

the train and civil society analogy

The train and civil society –an analogy

In a slightly lighter frame of mind, let me put down an analogy of civil society’s possible available methods to bring about change; and will try not to put down too many value judgments or pretend that this posting is of great academic and philosophical importance.This also comes from some frustrations ,seeing how some civil societies tussle for space.

BMTC Issues - From RCA perspective - 3

BusPublic Transport

Few of the points mentioned in the survey  (in second set) is about bus stands/stops. 

1) Dirty and sad bus stands, do not like waiting there

2) Very hard to walk to and from the Bus Stands

We shall through some light on these items from RCA perspective.

Effect : Do not like waiting there. 


1) No adequate shelter(sad bus stands)

      - Damaged roofing

      - No roofing

 2) Poor furniture

   - Demolishing in progress

   - Repair

   - Damaged or vandalized

   - Unclean and not usable

   - Sharp edges or broken edges

   - Very old

   - No disabled friendly furnitures/path


3) Not Clean due to

     - Spitting (Pan and simple)

Christ College Bus Stop Nightmares at Dairy Circle

TrafficTraffic jams

Christ college bus stop immediately after Nandini dairy is becoming a hell day by day.

Narrow road, with two lanes (will say single lane after getting congested) fully occupied by autos and private buses stops happily for hours, on top of that BMTC buses will stop next to next on road, they will drive on competition basis giving night mares to the people driving behind.

There is no signal and if you see at the peak times, you will see the traffic jam up to dairy circle, with minimum of 200-300 vehicles got struck behind these mangoos arrogant drivers. And to cross just that bus stop will take 10-15mins in peak time.

What a great planning of Brurth Bangalore Mahanaga Palike (will say exactly as bakwaasss for bruhath). What a thought of these officials, should give the award of most complicated officials on earth. Their minds will work like mercury for money, not for the future of citizens and their comfort. And these guys should mind that they are also victims of the same?

On narrow roads, making bus stops, no planning for bus stops, did these planning guys have minds, how to implement bus stops. What a pathetic stage we are in?

Elections over, time for Regional bill, and State Finance Commission

Urban DevelopmentGovernance

Good riddance. With the local election drama over, it is time to focus on things that will really empower a local government for Bangalore. And they are? comment guidelines

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