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September 2009

Estimating travel patterns in Bangalore - possible approach

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Have been chastisized by Tarle for pouring ATF on burning embers in a previous post and not using my praja time on more useful things :). 

ESG Meet 23 September 2009. A Brief Report.

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The Conference was from 9:30 AM to about 4PM. Attended by about 50 odd people. The organizers were disappointed  a little as their expectations were much more.

Brainstorming Session on Conservation and Management of Urban Lakes - A Report


The meeting was held in CiSTUP seminar room from 9 am to 5 pm. The room was full with a good complement of students.

We had the initial round of formalities followed by morning tea/breakfast

The morning session had several speakers discusing various aspects of urban lake conservation after which we had an afternoon discussion/brainstorming session

17% people walk in Bangalore

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

Private vehicles in India account for 67.5% of motorised vehicles, carry 37% of the commuters and take up 67% of the road width. Buses account for 24.5% of motorised vehicles on the road and carry around 61% commuters, taking up 38% road width.

Responsible corporate policy on taxi drives

Private transport

Last couple of days was in Khandala giving a lecture to one of the big banks on supply chain management.  Won't disclose their name for obvious reasons. comment guidelines

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