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March 2009

Is 91C bus plying?

91C supposedly plys from Yeshwantpura regulated market to Girinagar. I do not see the bus at all. And even in it is not shown. Any idea, if it is really there?

Metro - coverage comparision with some cities

Metro RailPublic Transport

Here is a simple comparison of the coverage various metros in the world provide and where we should be going. It is important to be developing a network that covers more areas and enables last mile connectivity and feeder services to be more effective.

Traffic studies on Pune

Hi- Looking for links to studies done on Pune traffic . Essentially surveys/modelling etc done to arrive at solutions for better traffic management.

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Same Route - Different Bus charges

I commute daily between Koramangala Water Tank to Electronic City in Volvo Non- A/C I guess its Suvarna buses and end up paying a different fare everyday. I have paid fares from Rs 10/- to Rs 15/- Moreover in one of the buses the conductor always asks 15. Does anyone know what is the right fare for the distance?

Looting business called "Schools"

Off lately I have been wondering why shouldn't I open a school? comment guidelines

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