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March 2009

Waiting for the new Reva?


The advertisements of electric bikes and scooters were everywhere when petrol prices were up in the sky. I wonder how are the sales now. Reva too was running ads back then, but no big news about them recently either. Talking of Reva, after reading around a bit (because I was considering buying it), speaking to a few folks who have also been interested, and two owners, here is what I learned:

ABIDE - Please put few more proposals in front of Government


I request ABIDe Members like professor Ashwin Mahesh who has been constantly interacting with us to take few more things with the Government.

1. Public Transport on NICE Peripheral road. 

42.5% of Children are Malnurished in India

Though not typical of Praja discussions, I think this report is worth sharing and pondering about. It moved me so much, couldn't resist bringing up a national issue...

Take a look at today's NY Times article: As Indian Growth Soars, Chid Hunger Persists.

Bellary Road Big 10

BusPublic Transport

Information first, cribs later! I finally managed to decode the mystery named Bellary Road Big 10. This one operates between Shivajinagar bus stand and Yelahanka. The route as I understand right now is:

Judicial Reforms

Text of the presentation made by Dr Leo Rebello on Judicial Reforms, at the Seminar organized by Society for Fast Justice, at Nalanda, Times of India, Mumbai 0n 28th February 2009. comment guidelines

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