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November 2008

why cant the bus passes be issued in any day of the month

i use to get salaries not on the first day or within the ist week. depending upon the circumstances it may be even on 10th.nobody can be blamed after aal the profitability and cash flow of the company will decide such matters.but as for the pass is concerned can BMTC consider issuing bus passes on any date of the moth ,valid for the next 30 days. narayanan

Access to the Byappanahalli TTMC

From Praja_posts
The success of the planned Byappanahalli TTMC and all the opportunities it offers as an inter-modal hub (KSRTC, BMTC, Namma Metro) will be determined by ease of access. 

PHS 8 service.

i observed this service is quite irregular in the evenings and it may cut its service at its there not a time schedule for this. narayanan

Mumbai - is it time?

Who is not stunned? Writing more about the incident from terrorism angle will lead to needless rambling. I have only one question to ask, from the angle of law and order. Isn't it time for Police Reforms, and overhaul of our internal security systems?

Learning from East London Transit plans

I thought I can share with everyone the example of East London Transit plans. I am providing links to the consultation documents below but the features worth noting are - comment guidelines

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