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December 2007

Knowledge city - DLF township or " gowda family township"

Dear prajegale As every one knows bangalore outskirts are getting filled with township, but i have one doubt- is these township helping bangalore civilians or politicians !!!!!!!! .... ok it may be helping politicians only.. but the bidadi knowledge township is of DLF groups or gowdas family's????

Litter Cops of Bangalore

Next time you think of littering on Kempe Gowda Road, M G Road, Cubbon Road or Commercial Street, look out for one of the sixty litter cops in special uniforms belonging to retired army man, BN Nandukumar's Major Territorial Army.
Depending on whether you are “Misusing water meant for drinking, urinating in public, throwing garbage around, spitting/expectorating and allowing pet animals to mess around" you will be slapped with on the spot fines ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 1000. They will also issue show-cause notice to shopkeepers as well as individuals who do not abide by rules.

Quickest and Easiest means of Transport Vehicle in Bangalore

A Big Sedan Car (Camry,Corolla)
0% (0 votes)
A Small Car (Santros,Altos)
11% (6 votes)
SUV/MUV (Innova/Scorpio)
4% (2 votes)
Geared Bike (Splendor/Victor/Pulsar)
29% (16 votes)
Ungeared Scooter (Activa/KineticHonda/Pleasure)
57% (32 votes)
Total votes: 56

56 motorized sky walks for pedestrians!

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Not that BBMP doesn't care for pedestrians. They have been talking about motorized sky walks for sometime now, and earlier this week, a BBMP tender showed up with plans for sky walks all around the city - 56 of them, and with escalators!

"These sky walks are proposed with attractive escalators of adequate capacity on both sides of the road which shall facilitate the vertical movement of the users for climbing as well alighting purposes"

As I said, the fancy skywalk talk isn't new. Earlier this year, BBMP had plans for 30 "capsule lift" based sky walks, refer this tender dated 12th Feb 2007:

BTRAC - smart traffic lights are coming


Hope you still remember BTRAC-2010, the nice sounding traffic management project for Bangalore. Seems like KRDCL has started the process of putting up new traffic signals under this project. This bidding document talks of 204 locations for these signals. Thankfully, this document contains the specifications of these new signals as well, and they do seem smart - vehicle detectors, remote control from a Traffic Management Center, pedestrian crossings with audible alarms, and more. Have a look: comment guidelines

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