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August 2007

Right to Information Act: How does it work?

Read in the papers about an awareness programme – ‘ RTI – Gateway to Good Governance’ – Tuesday (Aug.7) at Jnanajyoti convention centre, Bangalore. Details from – 9844010121 or 9448278584.

Yedi - cool to NICE and BMIC?


Very short post this one. ToI (Saturday, Aug 4) had carried an interview of the CM-in-waiting Mr Yediyurappa, and I found this answer very interesting:

TOI: Were you consulted on the change in government’s policy on BMIC?

Bangalore-Mysore rail track doubling

Would anyone know of the status of this long pending project ? It's re-revised date for completion ? The hassles ? And the way out, if any ?

Pre-announcing Mysore site

[Promoting this to a sticky. More interest we see, more the motivation to stay up late and finish Mysore site sooner!] We will shortly be adding Mysore as second city on Praja. A new sub-site will be available at If you are interested in joining Praja-Mysore content team, please register with Mysore as your primary city and let us know via the contact form. Send in a url to your existing blog as well if there is one.

Hey, how about us?

I just couldn't find a right tag for this post and even thought about whether this fits at Praja. Its about an ongoing strike impacting all of us at Bangalore. Agricultural produce traders are on a strike because they are not happy with government's recent move to allow private parties to buy produce directly from farmers. Wait, don't run away, I am not going to talk about geeky stuff like APMC act, organized retail, their impacts and such. comment guidelines

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