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August 2007

Kheny's interviews

Going by his media talk, Mr Ashok Kheny is sure sounding aggressive and even more determined about his pet project. Here is some interesting stuff I picked out from his recent statements and interviews. First the TOI interview (Sunday, Aug 12).

"... some IAS officers then came to me and advised me to change the alignment as their properties were getting affected..."

"He (Deve Gowda) told me to let go off 245 acres and in return, promised me 5000 acres elsewhere. I learnt through officials that he had made some commitments during the elections that the land will be de-notified"

Bangalore memories

A post by my blogger friend Abraham Tharakan on Banglore memories ought to interest long-time residents. Here is Mr Tharakan's post:

Proposed BMTC Buses rerouting around MG Road

Metro RailTraffic
When a major infrastructure project is underway, it is usual to see that a lot of services being disrupted. Bangalore Metro is no exception to this. We recently heard about no-parking regulation on MG Road to accommodate the work on the elevated track.

Mysore airport upgrade

Bangalore Police's take on city roads


I was googling around when I stumbled upon this page on Bangalore Police website. Well written open talk, that goes to tell you that they know the traffic problems and possible solutions. First up, a clear admission of the problem: comment guidelines

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