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August 2007

Bangalore Encroached II

Some insider stories, some disturbing questions, and a few happy trends for public participation and accessible governance.

Regional groups clash?

How do you like a news item like this (labourers clash at Bangalore):

Alternate Road to Bannerghatta Road - Continued

Last week, there was a good post suggesting an alternate route to Bannerghatta Road (see here). Today i am raising the same topic in a little more detailed way. The photo below shows the map from google maps.

Letters to editors and letters from readers

I read at least two newspapers everyday, and one feature I like is - letters to editor. Sometimes, you also hear of 'success stories' (like Nisho's about an open drain) resulting from these letters.

Well, I am a fan of this reality-TV like content. If you ask me, newspapers can chose to go the rediff way (have you seen their news article based bulletin boards?) and start having an extra page full of these letters from readers. Yes that will sell well :) But actually, I read these letters - especially the ones that complain about a local service or public amenity - because they put me in these chains of thoughts:

Hebbal lake - floating restaurant is off!

A TOI report (Aug 16) says that EIH have canceled their plans to construct floating restaurant on Hebbal Lake:"The idea was that adequate income would be generated by those who got the lease for the lake's upkeep. However, the group has now decided that we are not going ahead with the project. We took up the lake to restore it. It is a social project for us,'' added Ketki (from EIH) ... Asked for the reason for the change in plans, she said the project had attracted way too much attention and criticism by environmentalists and conservationists in the city.

There is another side to these green protests - what will be the motivation for corporates to come forward and "own" lakes under Lake Development Authority's lake upkeep plans? Two points on that: comment guidelines

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