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August 2007

NICE Agreement Annulled


This just in. Just when things were getting boring, Star of Mysore is reporting... Bangalore, Aug. 30 (OSR) - In a far-reaching decision this morning the Sate coalition Cabinet has annulled the agreement which it had entered into in 1995 with the Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE).

Minority Biased Junctions


About 4 years ago, Bangalore got its spanking new 200 ft wide double laned with 40 feet service lanes, Outer Ring road...

One would drive up here to break free from the traffic snarls elsewhere in the city...and check if their spanky investments still worked at high speeds.

Mostly worked fine, until a small hitch started showing up first little, then some more... and these days in full measure...

Gathering pace

Here is an interesting article from Frontline that gives an overview of developmental situation in Bangalore.

It talks about future plans for many organisations like BMTC.

Some excerpts.


Hello all, I am a resident of Jayanagar 4th T block. There is a site near my house where a lot of parthenium has grown. As this weed is a very harmful and environmental unfriendly, I wanted the BBMP guys to clean up. But even after several complaints (thru phone calls on the number 22975760)they have not done anything.

Shops and parking - This is how it begins

Recently, while passing through Kundalahalli gate, I noticed that some shops had suddenly sprung up on an empty plot. Going by what I understand of BBMP bylaws, the construction does seem illegal. These shops are literally standing on the footpath, and bang on a major intersection. Of course, there is no place to park bikes or cars here. So once they start doing business, customers' vehicles could block some serious traffic (intersection of Varthur Road and Brookfield main road leading to ITPL). comment guidelines

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